Top Ten Tuesday: Favourite Books I Read in 2019

It’s been a hot minute since I did a TTT post! TTT was created by The Broke and Bookish and moved to That Artsy Reader Girl (click here for upcoming TTT topics!) Where possible, I’ve included links to my full reviews in the headings.

1. ‘I Was Born For This’ by Alice Oseman

My laptop broke down around the time I was reading this so CURSES because I don’t have a full review that I can link to. Just know that it was moving, funny, wonderfully and effortlessly diverse and well worth the all-nighter I pulled to read it in one go!

2. ‘Here Lies Arthur’ by Philip Reeve

Reeve is one of my favourite authors (he also wrote the ‘Railhead’ trilogy, aka my fave sci-fi series), and this is an amazing historical fiction retelling of the King Arthur legend. It’s narrated by the Lady of the Lake…but she’s not what you might think. It’s hilarious and heartbreaking, and a sharp portrayal of the power of storytelling and oral history.

3. ‘Tiger Lily’ by Jodi Lynn Anderson

Another historical fiction retelling, populated by amazing characters! Anderson writes so beautifully, and I appreciate that she really did her research into the time and culture she aimed to illustrate. It’s a bittersweet but realistic fairy tale retelling.

4. ‘Strange the Dreamer’ by Laini Taylor

This book was enthralling. Basically a dream in the skin of a paperback. Incredibly worldbuilding, meets deft exposition, meets lovable characters, meets unexpected plot twists. The antagonists were also given excellent character depth too!

5. ‘A Pinch of Magic‘ by Michelle Harrison

A one-sitting middle-grade fantasy read that officially lifted me out of my Maytime reading slump! Inventive, funny and well-paced, with a shocking twist that raised this from a four to five-star rating.

6. ‘Thornhill’ by Pam Smy

A spooky, unnerving but quite emotionally moving graphic novel debut. I really enjoyed the mix of sequential art and diary entries between two different timelines, centred around the building known as Thornhill.

7. ‘Skyward, Vol. 2: Here There Be Dragonflies’ by J. Henderson & L. Garbett

The second volume in a great sci-fi graphic novel series! It’s funny, gorgeously illustrated and drives readers forward with a rapid plot pace, charismatic characters and unexpected revelations.

8. ‘King of Scars’ by Leigh Bardugo

Yet another victim of my broken laptop, cue no review that I can refer to other than my incoherent Goodreads ramblings. But I remember shocking plot twists, great dialogue, excellent characteristion (especially of Nikolai and Zoya) and a definite book hangover after I finished.

9. ‘What If It’s Us’ by Becky Albertalli and Adam Silvera

This was just such an adorable YA contemporary that doesn’t abandon realistic romance for favour of swoon-worthy fluff. Bittersweet, but all the more memorable for it. A perfect ending, in my opinion!

10. ‘Muse of Nightmares‘ by Laini Taylor

While not as good as ‘Strange the Dreamer’, this was an incredible sequel that did not disappoint. Tears were shed, laughs bubbled up, and I would absolutely love a return to this beautifully rendered fantasy world.

Honorary mentions – those that I didn’t rate as high but I still can’t get over!

What were your top reads of 2019? Have you read any of mine? Let me know any thoughts below!

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