#WickWednesday: Unboxing Midnight Flame’s ‘A Galaxy Far, Far Away’ Star Wars candle box

Any ‘Star Wars’ fans here? I recently bought my first limited edition candle box from Midnight Flame Candles and I was not disappointed. This box was themed around the ‘Star Wars’ franchise, with references to the original trilogy, the prequels, sequels and ‘The Clone Wars’ TV show!

5x 4oz Scented Candles:

The 5 candles featured in this box.
  • The Dark Side: scent profile of power, ambition, black cherry. I found it rich, fruity and sweet.
  • Ben and Rey: scent profile of balance in the Force, which smelled very fresh, both floral and tartly fruity. Perfect for a Reylo shipper like me!
  • R2-D2: scent profile of loyalty, help and courage. I thought this smelled lightly sugary, warm and creamy. Reminded me a little of icing on a cake!
  • Naboo: scent profile of meadows, juniper berries, democracy. I thought it smelled like a lovely bright floral. I do believe that this one’s my favourite!
  • Yoda: scent profile of wisdom and black amber. This smelled like a musky floral to me!

Other items:

This box also came with some stickers designed by Katie (@dreamingofrain), a BB-8 pin designed by @khumbupins, a Princess Leia art print and Millennium Falcon sticker by Tori (@torirosenbaumx)!

Hope you’ve enjoyed this unboxing! Do you buy/subscribe to any themed boxes? What would you include if you designed your own box?

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