Update: ‘Carry On’ fanart, Starting ‘Chaos Walking’ and Discovering Overdrive

How has another week passed just like that?! Maybe the freakishly strong winds blew the days along… Hope everyone’s safe from the storm!

Fanart: ‘Carry On’ by Rainbow Rowell

I was really happy to be able to finish two pieces last week – normally I struggle to half-finish one! I finally coloured this flame-holding pair of hands (perhaps my favourite from the Inktober’19 sketches) and the Pitch coat of arms.

While we’re talking about art, I was also saddened to hear about the passing of Qing Han (@qinniart). She was one of the most emotive, lyrical, imaginative artists I’d ever seen, with such a lovely style. Rest in Peace and thank you for gracing us with all that you created!

Currently Reading: ‘The Knife of Never Letting Go’ by Patrick Ness

Todd is the only boy in a town of men. Ever since they were infected with the Noise germ, Todd can hear their thoughts, and they can hear his too. Only a month away from becoming a man, Todd finds out his town is hiding an ugly secret… one so awful that he is forced to flee with only his dog, whose simple, loyal voice he hears too.

Pursed by hostile townsmen, the two stumble upon a strange and eerily silent creature: a girl. Who is she? Why wasn’t she killed by the germ like all the females on New World?

Todd the almost-man must unlearn everything he knows, in order to find out who he truly is.

Current thoughts (20%): First buddy read of 2020, and so far, I’m loving this! I really enjoy Todd’s, slang-filled, unrefined, rough narrative style – it really adds to the dystopian atmosphere and reminds me of ‘Blood Red Road’ by Moira Young, an all-time favourite of mine (and happens also to be a dystopian novel!). The depiction of hearing everyone’s thoughts is also utterly fascinating. Todd and his adoptive parents, Ben and Cillian (from whom I get very gay-couple-but-can’t-be-public-because-of -this-likely-homophobic-town vibes) are very compelling characters and I’m definitely hooked. It’s funny and scary and insightfully emotional all at once…and we’re less than a quarter of the way through! I hope it stays this good throughout.

Also who else is absolutely pumped for the movie adaptation?! January 22, 2021. CANNOT WAIT. Tom Holland (Todd) and Daisy Ridley (The Girl)?! #blessed

Borrowing books from Overdrive

So I’d been eyeing up the concept of borrowing e-books from the library, but always procrastinated it. Finally I clicked on that ‘Borrow’ button, chose to download from Overdrive…cue 20 minutes of utter confusion as my computer flailed around trying to open the .acsm file. (Which apparently is not actually the book, but a sort of assistant thing to help the book download into your reader application.) Thank god for ‘Help’ pages! Turns out you have to download Adobe Digital Editions software, which was FREE, unlike what I’d assumed, and now I’m the happy borrower of:

  • ‘Godsgrave’ (‘The Nevernight Chronicle’, #2) by Jay Kristoff
  • ‘The Ask and the Answer’ (‘Chaos Walking’, #1) by Patrick Ness
  • ‘It’s OK, I’m Wearing Really Big Knickers’ (‘Confessions of Georgia Nicolson’, #2) by Louise Rennison

Maybe I’ll try audiobooks from OverDrive soon!

Upcoming Posts:

  • Review: ‘Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets’ by J.K. Rowling (illust. Jim Kay)
  • Mini-reviews: ‘Saga’ Vols. 1-4 by Vaughan and Staples
  • Down the TBR Hole #1
  • ‘Heartstopper’ Vols. 1-3 by Alice Oseman: An Extended Treatise on Why This Comic Means So Much to Me

That’s all from me, thanks for reading! Hope you have a lovely week ❤️


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