#FanartFriday: Heartstopper, Carry On and The School for Good and Evil

You know, sometimes I think we get too caught up in creating art for what other people might like – obviously, we want to please our audiences! We want our work to be appreciated! But I think it’s just as important that artists themselves find joy or catharsis in what they create.

I found that feeling with this ‘Heartstopper’ fanart I made of Charlie Spring in the snow. Every time I look at it, I’m not thinking about how many people liked it when I posted it on Instagram, what mistakes I might have made – nothing except for grinning ear to ear because this piece makes me so damn HAPPY! And that’s a beautiful thing.

(Anyway rambling over, let’s get to the good stuff 😂)


‘Snow Angel’ Charlie Spring

This is the first in this fanart series of ‘Polaroids’ I’m making for ‘Heartstopper’ by Alice Oseman! If you haven’t yet read it, ‘Heartstopper’ is a wonderful graphic novel/webcomic about two boys falling in love after meeting in school. The characters are just magnetic, it’s hilarious and adorable and emotional, and I’m obsessed, truly.

‘Rugby Win’ Nick and Charlie

This is the second ‘Polaroid’, featuring a rugby game scene from ‘Heartstopper’ Volume 1! I hadn’t used oil pastels in years, and I forgot how much I like the soft but vibrant effect.

(The background and grass was gouache and watercolour, on way too thin paper than I ended up having to cut this piece out from 😂 I also added a little oil pastel on top of the grass and sky.)

Carry On: Natasha Grimm-Pitch

This stern-looking lady is Natasha Grimm-Pitch, the legendary mother of the iconic Baz Pitch from Rainbow Rowell’s ‘Simon Snow’ series!

This was one of my favourite bits of line work and I enjoyed going over it (quite freely) with watercolour! One of my friends does a lot of ink and watercolour and his stuff has an awesome comic-esque style that I find inspiring. Not sure if I achieved it but it was very fun nonetheless!

The School for Good and Evil: Sophie/Agatha Portrait

Good and Evil…which witch?

These girls are Sophie and Agatha from Soman Chainani’s ‘The School for Good and Evil’ series, an extremely underrated, subversive take on fairytale conventions and one of my all-time favourites! I like to call it ‘Hogwarts for Fairytales’ but it’s so much more than that.

This was one of my favourite fanarts to do because I got to use more of the lovely gold acrylic paint at my local library’s art group! (I did have a slight accident and blobbed some gold paint under Agatha’s eye 😂)

I also really love doing colour pencil over gouache backgrounds for some reason – there’s something just very satisfying about seeing it all come together, letting the background lend itself to the shadows… I don’t know! Mixed media is fun.

Thanks for reading! Making art is one of my biggest sources of joy especially in this period of time…tell me what you’re doing to stay positive in our current situation! Let’s all take care of ourselves and each other ❤️

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