SHIPS — What makes a good romance?

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Hello Darlings!

Today let’s talk about LOVE! I know that Valentines day was last month but why would I need a special ocassion to ask you what makes two (or more) characters shippable?

What’s so great about them that you could watch them fall in love again and again?

What’s so wonderful abou their love to make you addicted?

Let’s get to it then!


I mean, if they can’t have fun, what’s the point?

I need some snark. Some humour. Some clever back and forth.

If they’re not so annoyed to be in love with this other dumbass and can’t stop getting into the dumbest disagreementsjust for the sake of itthen how do you even tell they’re in love? I want them to go from ‘excuse me, who do you think you are??‘ to ‘no, it’s cereal first and THEN milk‘ and back…

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