#WIPWednesday: Baz Pitch and trialling digital colouring

Hope you’ve all been taking care of yourselves and having a good week thus far!

Today’s WIP is based around ‘Wayward Son’ (‘Simon Snow’, #2) by Rainbow Rowell!

This was one of my favourite linearts to do for 2019 Inktober and I was really excited to try colouring it in Autodesk Sketchbook (free version) – I scanned in the page from my sketchbook and started playing around with brushes and colours. You can see some of the progress photos in the Instagram post below. I’ve never done any digital art before so this was a nice thing to trial.

By far my favourite thing to try out was the time-lapse video (slides 7 and 8 in the Instagram post). I also really loved the blood splatter/faded stain effect I accidentally got when trying to find the right brush to write with (slide 2).

I just need to add some extra linework over the colours (couldn’t figure out how to make the original scan transparent with only the lines visible) and finish the writing – and maybe touch-ups… then hopefully it’ll be done before the end of March!

Thanks for reading! Do you like it/what could I do to improve? What other ‘Carry On’ and ‘Wayward Son’ scenes should I do? Let me know below!

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