Top 5 Saturday: Sibling Relationships

‘Top 5 Saturday’ is a meme created by Mandy @ Devouring Books, where you list your top 5 books of the current topic – these can be books that you want to read, have read and loved, have read and hated, etc. etc.!

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Onto the list! I tried to challenge myself and stick to siblings related (at least somewhat) by blood – I read so many books with the ‘found-family’ trope…

1. Weasley siblings (‘Harry Potter’ series by J.K. Rowling)

What can I say – I love their dynamic, their banter, their incredible closeness. My favourite fictional family, hands down!

2. The Claremont-Diaz siblings and Mountchristen-Windsor siblings (‘Red, White & Royal Blue’ by Casey McQuiston)

I loved how deeply each brother-sister pair understand each other, and how firmly they’ve got each others’ backs!

Just to clarify, “Mountchristen-Windsor siblings” (i.e. the Royals) does NOT include their stuffy older brother Philip. I was not a fan – he was like Percy Weasley in annoying prick-level, but without seven books’ worth to witness his fall and redemption arc. (We get about a paragraph for Philip, and I’m glad to see that his siblings didn’t forgive him straight away.)

3. The Song-Covey sisters (‘To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before’ by Jenny Han)

I particularly loved the bond between Lara Jean and her older sister Margot, because I’m super close with my big sister too. (And weirdly, I’m very like Lara Jean and my sister is highly rational, just like Margot).

4. The godspawn children (‘Strange the Dreamer’ by Laini Taylor)

These blue, orphaned kids were so sweet and compelling, and just wanted to find someplace to belong and be safe! Even cold, cruel, calculating Minya won me over – she’s actually one of my favourite characters in general.

5. The Widdershins sisters (‘A Pinch of Magic’ by Michelle Harrison)

These three sisters (Fliss, Betty and Charlie) were spunky, each with a distinct personality and their teasing reminded me of myself with my own sister!

Thanks for reading! Who are your favourite fictional siblings or families? Let me know in the comments!

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