#Fanart Friday: Baz Pitch, Wayward Son

After what feels like 6 million years, I finally finished (I think?) colouring my Baz Pitch lineart from last year’s Inktober! I themed the whole month around the ‘Carry On’ books by Rainbow Rowell, and the below fanart is based on a scene from ‘Wayward Son’ (book 2) – not really spoiler-y, but just letting y’all know.

Progress from the original pencil sketch:

Coloured in Autodesk Sketchbook
Lineart using Uni Pin fineliner pens
Pencil sketch of Inktober (2019) Day 29: ‘Injured’

I made some rookie mistakes…for example doing almost all colouring on only one layer – neglecting one of the key advantages of digital art (the ability to separately colour different elements), but overall this was a fun experiment and I particularly loved doing Baz’s hair!

Thanks for reading! Have you read ‘Carry On’ and/or ‘Wayward Son’? Let me know any thoughts below…


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