#WIPWednesday: Grishaverse artist avatar

Hello everyone, hope you’ve been having a nice May so far!

So I’m part of a fandom event for the Grishaverse books by Leigh Bardugo (ever heard of ‘Six of Crows’?), and artists (who are called Materialki in this event) can create a Grisha avatar (called a Grishasona) for themselves! So today I’m sharing some work-in-progress photos of the progress I’m making (at a glacial pace, truly).

My digital lineart is very jittery but one day I shall be one with the stylus…one day…

Did I mention I like drawing hair? I wanted to share a timelapse, but unfortunately ya gal is on the free WP platform so can’t upload videos… Fun fact: I’d never actually worn my hair like this until quarantine! Before you ask, I don’t know what that green thing I’m holding is either 😂 I thought maybe a poison bottle (as I’m an Alkemi) but who knows, honestly…

EDIT: I ended up posting my WIP on Insta so the second slide has the hairy timelapse.

The slightly demonic looking original sketch

Here’s hoping I can finish this before the event is over 😂

Thanks for reading! What do you think? Let me know any thoughts below…


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