Thursday Tunes: Quests For Glory

Welcome to the fourth installment of ‘The School of Good and Evil’ playlists! The full playlist is linked at the bottom.

These songs are all inspired by ‘Quests For Glory’, book 4 in this fantasy series by Soman Chainani. (This post is spoiler-free!)

Order of the Day: A King’s Coronation! (‘Crown Me King’ by Harmony.) Does it go to plan? Of course not, otherwise why would we even have a book?

‘Fabulous’ from High School Musical 2 is perfect for Sophie’s opening scenes, while ‘Superman’ by Rachel Platten is from Agatha’s point of view. 10 points if you guess who she’d be singing about!

There’s a lot of ‘Lion & Snake’ (good and evil?) imagery and symbolism throughout ‘The Camelot Years’ (Books 4-6 of this series). Things quickly go downhill when ‘And the Snakes Start to Sing’ by Bring Me the Horizon starts playing…a suitably creepy song. The quintessential pirate song ‘He’s a Pirate’ by Klaus Badelt is a nod to ‘Whiskey Woo the Pirate Queen’ – if you know, you know! This entire book was stressful to read, but ‘Gallows’ by Katie Garfield’ marks a particularly hair-loss-inducing moment.

In this book, we meet Rhian, a pivotal character in these latter three books. Rhian gets quite a few songs in the playlist, e.g. ‘I Like (the idea of) You’ by Tessa Violet, with ‘Knight Jumps Queen’ by Annihilator from his perspective. (Weirdly amazing song.)

This technically shows the opposite of the song title but you get what I mean!

Cue even higher levels of stress that are pretty much maintained for the rest of the book. ‘The Snake’ by Al Wilson is such a QFG vibe. As is ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’ by Panic! At The Disco (god I love this song) and ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ by Taylor Swift. Chainani’s actually posted before about several ‘reputation’ T-Swift songs that are oddly perfect for QFG!


We finish off with ‘you should see me in a crown’ by Billie Eilish and a hell of a cliffhanger with Hidden Citizens’ ‘I Ran (So Far Away)’.

Book 6 is coming out next Tuesday! I’m very excited to make a playlist for it – I’ve already begun based on the sneak peeks we’ve been given…

Link to playlist (no idea why the embed function isn’t working)! I’ll embed it properly when the block decides to start functioning again.

Thanks for reading! I love bookish playlists – if you have any song/playlist recs definitely send them my way – let me know below!

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