#FanartFriday: Inej Ghafa and Tedros of Camelot

I’ve got a few to share today! I’ve completed two characters so far for the #SixFanarts challenge that’s been going around:

Inej Ghafa (from ‘Six of Crows’ by Leigh Bardugo)

Inej is just such an amazing character, inspiring and a role model for me! She’s the Dregs member I aspire to be, though in reality I’m more like Jesper I think.

I visualise this as being post-‘Crooked Kingdom’!

Tedros of Camelot (from ‘The School for Good and Evil’ by Soman Chainani)

Tedros is my favourite character in the series, especially after Book 6 (‘One True King’)!

‘The School for Good and Evil’ is so underrated, and I 100% recommend if you want a fun read that also makes you think with its subversion of fairytale tropes and sharp social commentary.

Tedros: A King in Chains

I also did another one of Tedros, taking place between Book 4 (‘Quests for Glory’) and Book 5 (‘A Crystal of Time’). This one’s traditional, done with a brush pen and alcohol markers! I incorporated the whole Lion symbolism that pervades the series (Book 4 onwards) so that’s why Tedros looks rather Beast-y!

Thanks for reading! What fandoms do you like to see fanart from? Let me know any thoughts below!

3 thoughts on “#FanartFriday: Inej Ghafa and Tedros of Camelot

  1. They look amazing! I don’t know how you manage to draw such beautiful fanart and still manage to read and blog! XD I recently found out that my library has all 6 books of “The School for Good and Evil” and I’m soo tempted to start with the series. You make me so curious. *lol* I’d love to see some Shadowhunter art because for some reason people rarely draw them. Also Shatter Me fanart! It’s so rare.

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    1. Awww omg thank you so much!! Hahaha I do feel the multi-tasking time pressure won’t lie but I tell myself ‘relaxing is enjoying what I do’ which helps a bit. OOH your library sounds awesome, making the right book choices 😂😉 That’s true actually, for how popular the Shadowhunters fandom is, I do tend to see less fanart of it than for other big fandoms like the Maas ones or Grishaverse. I haven’t yet read Shatter Me fanart but I agree, I hardly see any!

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      1. Yeah, that’s basically how I run my goodreads page and blog! *lol* I love to write reviews and to blog so it’s important for me to do those things in order to relax. XD Haha! Yep, my library has improved a lot over those last few years. Maybe there aren’t enough people good enough at drawing or dedicated to the series?

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