#WIPWednesday: Ronan Lynch, Jean Kirschstein, Nedra and Hagrid

#WIPWednesday is where I share some of my works-in-progress (generally fanart). Please feel free to link to/share your WIPs too in the comments!

Hi! Feels like I haven’t done a #WIPWednesday in a while… I’ve been so busy with book blogging, Spanish, endless webinars and trying to keep up with academia that I barely have time to draw. And what art time I do have I’m spending on my piece for the Grishaverse Big Bang – I can’t share any of it yet but posting date is the start of September. I’m also doing a piece (or three) for the Red, White & Royal Blue Big Bang and posting date is the start of October – I am legit SO excited for it!

On top of that I’m also writing my very first fanfiction (*trembles in both hype and fear*) set in a Salem witch trials AU for the Carry On Through The Ages event – it was originally just going to be fanart, but I had way too many ideas that it was either accidentally make a graphic novel or take the plunge into writing fanfiction! Posting date for that is the start of November.

ANYWAY enough waffle, moving on…

Sketch 1: Ronan Lynch and Chainsaw from ‘The Raven Cycle’ by Maggie Stiefvater

I absolutely cannot wait to finish this because god I LOVE RONAN SO MUCH but deadlines call to me! I think the baby Chainsaw on the right was my favourite thing to sketch in this one. Also I just realised I need to move Rightmost Ronan’s butt a little or tweak the rock hollow because currently that seat looks…uncomfortable.

I also have an earlier version of this sketch, but the text and figures didn’t work together as nicely (also the ‘scribbledoo’ server on Discord is a godsend. Friendly artists giving each other feedback? Hell yes!).

Sketch 2: Jean Kirschstein from ‘Attack on Titan’ (manga by Hajime Isayama, also an anime)

Jean was a request from Instagram as part of Six Fanarts. I’ve not actually read or watched ‘Attack on Titan’ but I want to now! Looking on the wikia for details about Jean’s character and appearance was really intriguing.

Sketch 3: Nedra Brysstain from ‘Give the Dark My Love’ by Beth Revis

Another request for Six Fanarts, this time from my bookstagram friend – and subsequently I’ve added ‘Give the Dark My Love’ to my TBR!

I’m trying to practise drawing downturned faces and harder hand poses/perspectives in this one.

Looking at the cover, Nedra kind of reminds me of TV Yennefer in ‘The Witcher’ so I’m drawing some inspiration from her too.

Sketch 4: Rubeus Hagrid from ‘Harry Potter’

Hagrid is the sixth Six Fanarts suggestion and of course I had to pop his loyal dog Fang in there too!

I actually don’t think I’ve drawn an adult man (or dog) for YEARS so this should turn out interesting 😂

Thanks for reading! Have you read the books/manga these fanarts are based on? Let me know any thoughts below!

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