#FanartFriday: I can finally share my art for the Grishaverse Big Bang 2020 event! (+ bonus Grishasona)

#FanartFriday is where I share some of my own fanart (or just art) and/or shout-out some awesome pieces that I’ve spotted recently! Feel free to link/share your own in the comments!

So way back in July I mentioned I was working on a piece for the Grishaverse Big Bang event over on Tumblr – and finally we’re allowed to share our creations! Basically, a Big Bang is a fandom event (not exclusive to the Grishaverse) where we get grouped into teams of a fanfiction writer, a beta/editor/proofreader, and some fanart/edit makers (aka me!).

My piece is for ‘Ravka’s Next Top Tsaritsa’ by Kai (zemenipearls on Archive Of Our Own), a hilarious The Bachelor AU for the Grishaverse, told through social media and snippets from Jesper’s blog. The premise: Nikolai was meant to be the Bachelor, but ran off with Zoya, who was going to be one of the contestants. The producers hastily bring in Isaak (character from ‘King of Scars’) to replace him… though how well will that turn out?


ABC, 8/9c

Genya Safin-Kostyk

Tune in next month to see our bachelor Isaak Andreyev meet 30 new women in the hopes of finding his wife! Isaak is a tender-hearted, bookish man who just wants to find love. Isaak would rather be having a picnic or studying languages than playing football or out partying. He wants a real wife and partner in life, unlike contestants in the past. This season promises to be more exciting and real than ever!

Read the fic here on AO3!

My art!

Top panel: A sunny beach in Bora Bora, with emails from Genya to Nikolai (left) and Zoya (right). Bottom panel: A disgruntled Genya sits in her LA office, pulling late nights trying to solve the mess Nikolai left.

You should also check out my team-mates’ artwork (usernames linked to their art): strawberrylark; namelessscribe; bdhead; oranges-and-stuff; saatanan-sorsasesonki – and of course our beta darklesmychuckles too.

I also had the pleasure of working with the same writer for a previous Grishaverse mini-Bang, which is basically a one-shot (1 chapter) fanfic, which was a Schitt’s Creek AU starring Nikolai, Zoya, Genya and David! It’s called ‘Dva Stolba’s Creek’ and you can read it on AO3 here.

From L-R: Zoya, Nikolai, Genya and David stand in front of the Sungate Motel in Dva Stolba’s Creek.

I did this mini-Bang piece with brush pens and the full Big Bang one digitally, and both were lots of fun! I worked on the Big Bang one gradually over several months, and I feel like it was a great learning experience with digital art.

Also! A new Grishasona (aka Grishaverse persona/avatar) by sixcrowart!

A while ago I won a Tumblr giveaway by the lovely Tiff (wafflesandkruge) and the prize was a Grishasona commission by the amazingly talented Leah (sixcrowart on Tumblr)!

Look how cute it is! It makes me so happy to see it:

Sabrina as an Alkemi Grisha, drawn by sixcrowart on Tumblr

My sister was so confused when she first saw it – ‘why do you look like a prince?’ – until I explained what keftas were in the Grishaverse HAHAHA

I’m an Alkemi (in the Materialki order) and the foxglove I’m holding represents their poison specialism, the other specialism being blasting powders.

Previously I also mentioned that I was working on a piece for the ‘Red, White and Royal Blue’ Big Bang. Unfortunately the writer I was working with had to drop out of the event but she and the Big Bang mods are all happy with me to proceed with my piece! @/tinysriasih (Twitter) came up with a Star Wars AU starring Commander Alex Diaz, ace pilot for the Resistance, being assigned to track down Prince Henry of Naboo (who’s in hiding on Tatooine) and recruit him to the resistance. Inspired by Han and Leia!

My WIP (work-in-progress) so far:

In his X-Wing fighter, Alex (out-of-frame) holds a tablet displaying Henry, with a holographic map of Alex’s route to Tatooine before him. Alex is currently flying autopilot in hyperspace.

I’m about 75% done with it, so hopefully I’ll be able to post the finished version soon!

If you’ve made it this far, thanks for reading! What did you think? Would you want to take part in a Big Bang? I can confirm they’re lots of fun! Let me know any thoughts below…


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