Let’s Talk Bookish: The Pros and Cons of Book Blogging

Let’s Talk Bookish is a weekly meme hosted by Rukky @ Eternity Books and Dani @ Literary Lion, where book bloggers can discuss a range of topics, share opinions, and blog hop over to each others’ discussion posts!

This is my first time doing a Let’s Talk Bookish/discussion post! Here we go…

Getting to read new releases/ARCs! Especially discovering NetGalley (and now Edelweiss!) Getting to be part of book tours is cool as well.Pressure to keep up with new releases and neglecting books I’ve wanted to read for ages. (Especially if I’ve over-requested on NetGalley and get swamped with piling review deadlines!)
Meeting bookish friends – especially as few of my offline friends are as book-obsessed as I am.Problem of too much screen-time…and my eyesight is crappy as is already. Not to mention posture problems!
I found adjusting to self-isolation/quarantine really easy as I had six billion things to do every day even without going outside. I definitely blogged more.Pressure of needing pretty graphics and constant engagement (especially when I’m incredibly busy like I am right now). Back when I reviewed only on Goodreads, I didn’t really care who read them as it was mainly for me – a sort of memory jogging repository!
I love the no-shame gushing and doing fun book tags aspect of book blogging! Also a blog gives me more room to talk versus an Instagram caption (I started blogging on #bookstagram first).I feel so guilty for not blog hopping. Even though I’m so busy that I’m barely posting in the first place, and objectively I know life comes before blogging, I constantly fret about missing out on people’s posts.
I can integrate all the bookish/arty stuff I do in one place! I have two separate Instagram accounts for my book and art stuff, and sometimes it’s hard to keep up with both.Sometimes I feel like I get distracted by over-blogging and end up reading less. The time I spend blogging I could be reading instead.
Pros & cons of book blogging

These are just some personal thoughts!

Thanks for reading! What about you? Do we share any of the same pros/cons for book blogging? Let me know below!

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