Fanart Friday: First attempt at hand lettering ft. BTS lyrics!

#FanartFriday is where I share some of my own fanart (or just art) and/or shout-out some awesome pieces that I’ve spotted recently! Feel free to link/share your own in the comments!

WOW it’s been a while since I shared any art on here.

(I’m really sorry as well for being so behind on blog hopping! I’m in the final stretch of my art course and it is. INTENSE. My Spanish homework also took me about an hour an a half today too… Let me know below if you’ve posted recently and I’ll definitely go catch up! 💕)

Recent arty-stuff: I shockingly managed to complete Inktober 2020 – one of my 2020 goals – and I’ll add my drawings (all themed around ‘The School for Good and Evil’!) to my Inktober galleries, but today is for my first try at hand lettering!

This one happened pretty randomly, I was messing around trying to learn how Procreate works (my sister bought it for me as a gift!), had created a splotchy, pinky-yellow background and BTS’ ‘Euphoria’ was playing…

…And I suddenly really wanted to write (draw? letter?) the lyrics to it!

‘Take my hands now, you are the cause of my euphoria’ – ‘Euphoria’ by BTS (Jungkook solo song)

It didn’t start out looking like this, my initial attempts were quite different and I had a hell of a struggle trying to draw the hands…the timelapse (second slide of the Instagram post!) attests to this:

It took me almost 10 hours to do, but I’m really hoping with more practice I’ll be faster and also get much better at doing this sort of art!

(This is the song ‘Euphoria’ BTW!):

Thanks for reading! Do you have any favourite artists/hand letterers that you’d recommend I check out?

I really want to learn more about hand lettering and that seems like a good place to start!

Hopefully after this weekend, I’ll be back on track with the blog – planning to post my reviews of Dinsdale’s ‘Paris By Starlight’ and Vick’s ‘Girl. Boy. Sea.’, as well as catch up with all your posts!


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