The New Year’s Resolutions Reading Challenge

Thanks Laura @ The Corner of Laura for creating this cool challenge and tagging me! I’m going to be picking mostly from my ARCs and then my library books which I’ll need to return when they reopen.


  • Link back to the original creator (The Corner of Laura) and link back to the challenge page (otherwise, the original creator won’t get a notification).
  • Thank whoever tagged you and link back to their post
  • Tag 5 or more other people.
  • Read books that fit the description. Laura put some recommendations in the original post to help you pick but you can read anything that fits the brief!
  • The deadline for the challenge is six weeks after you were originally tagged (which, statistically, is the point when 80% of people give up their New Year’s Resolutions) e.g. if you were tagged in the original tag, the deadline is 12th February.
  • Post a wrap-up when you’re done to show how you got on.

The Challenge:

Exercise: Book with 500 pages or more (in any edition). Bonus challenge – read a book with 800 pages or more.

‘Kingdom of Ash’ (‘Throne of Glass’, #7) by S.J. Maas (980 pages) – lol good luck to me…

Learn a new skill: Book from a genre you never usually read. Bonus challenge – book from a genre outside your comfort zone that was published in 2020/21

‘Open Water’ by Caleb Azumah Nelson. I rarely read adult contemporary especially ones that deal with heavy topics, and I heard this is narrated in second-person, so a double newbie for me!

Save money: Read a second-hand book or any book you didn’t pay full price for. Bonus challenge – read a library book.

‘The Gilded Ones’ (‘Deathless’, #1) by Namina Forna – I got this as a NetGalley ARC so it was free, which counts for this!

Reduce stress: Read a happy book or anything that leaves a smile on your face. Bonus challenge – read a happy book about reducing stress/tackling mental health problems.

‘The Mismatch’ by Sara Jafari is a coming-of-age rom-com (I think) so I’ll very likely be smiling!

Travel more: Book set in a foreign country (or even world!). Bonus challenge – book that was originally published in another language.

‘More Happy Than Not’ by Adam Silvera – this is set in the Bronx in New York City.

Spend more time with family and friends: Read a book recommended by your IRL/online family and/or friends. Bonus challenge – read a book you wouldn’t have picked up otherwise.

‘History Is All You Left Me’ by Adam Silvera – many of my bookstagram friends absolutely love Silvera’s books. Despite not enjoying ‘They Both Die At The End’, this one is really popular and I still want to try it.

Stop Procrastinating: Book that’s been on your TBR for over a year. Bonus challenge – the book at the very bottom of your TBR.

‘North Child’ by Edith Pattou (aka ‘East’, #1) – it’s been on my TBR since Jan 2019!

Focus on self-care: Book where mental health is central. Bonus challenge – read a self-help book and try out one of the pieces of advice it gives. Let us know how it went in your wrap-up post!

An Unkindness of Ghosts’ by Rivers Solomon – I heard the main character is neurodiverse and that there’s discussion of mental health in this one. I’ve been meaning to read this for so long…

Screw resolutions, I quit!: Re-read an old favourite. Bonus challenge – re-read an entire series.

Easy pick – ‘Heartstopper’ by Alice Oseman!

Right…so according to the six-week rule, my deadline for this challenge is the 12th Feb. We’ll see how I get on given that I have a LOT going on in Jan 😂

I have a few other (bookish) new year’s resolutions:

  • read more of my unread but owned books/library books and don’t chase new releases so much
  • normalise not reading daily if I don’t feel like it and still see myself as a bookworm
  • remember to add image descriptions in my bookstagram posts and blog graphics
  • continue to read and support work by BIPOC and QTBIPOC authors
  • try more audiobooks!

Tagging (no pressure though!):

Thanks for reading! Do you have any resolutions for this year, bookish or otherwise? Hope everyone has a wonderful and safe 2021!

14 thoughts on “The New Year’s Resolutions Reading Challenge

  1. This looks like such a fun challenge! *lol* I’d love to do it but I don’t know if I can fit it into my already tight schedule. If I can’t I’ll save it for next year and plan ahead. XD Thanks for tagging me! And good luck with reading all the books! ❤

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  2. This looks so fun! I love what you put about not reading daily and still being a bookworm, people often assume that you need to read all the time and get through a lot of books to be a bookworm but that’s not true (I honestly don’t have the time lol). Usually with these challenges I end up just fitting my TBR pile around them instead of picking books to match the options haha, but I can’t wait to give this a go!! Happy New Year 🥳

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahah I did the TBR fitting to challenge thing here too 😂 And yes, I feel like whether or not you read 10 books or a 100 it’s more about your enjoyment of reading than amount that makes someone a bookworm, I think. I heard last year there was also shaming of the way people got into reading (e.g. if they get into it through booktok then they’re not ‘real’ readers) which…I don’t understand 😂 like just let people read! 😂 Anyway mini-rant over, and hope you have a lovely 2021 too!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That seems so unfair when I love book tok ha. It’s a great way to find new books (or have the same books in every video until you decide to just read them to understand the memes and cosplay 😂😂)( shadow hunters whooo??)

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  3. This looks like such a fun tag! I’ve been looking for the right post to kick the new year off, and this is just perfect for it. Thank you so much for tagging us! I loved seeing your picks, and what a fun way to dive into your TBR!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. This looks so fun!! I’ve already set my TBR for this month but will try and fit them into this Challenge some how, if I can’t will save for next year🙈😅. Thanks for the tagging and good luck!! Happy New Year!!

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