Fanart Friday: #MeetTheArtist, my first ever art Reel (Angel Jungkook) and sketches for j-hope’s birthday!

Hi everyone! How’s your week been?

This week I made a #MeetTheArtist post for my art instagram, which I thought I’d share here as it’s sort of a #MeetTheBlogger post too! Maybe I’ll pop it on my ‘About’ page as well? This took me SO long to paint, I’ve been so busy this January (and the end of December too) applying for PhDs that I’ve been doing this bit by bit all month.

Meet the Artist – aka Meet the Blogger

What do you think? Do we have anything in common – other than a love of books of course, hahaha!

My first Instagram art Reel

This darn 15 second video took me soooo longggggg to make too. You can see the caption in the Instagram embed if you want details of this prolonged ordeal. I just wanted to erase my art layers like one of the cool kids 😂😩

Make sure to have ‘sound on’ if you want to hear some angelic Jungkook vocals!

Sketchy thumbnails for j-hope’s (BTS) birthday – 18 Feb!

As I’m only a baby ARMY (a BTS fan) I missed the chance to paint anything for the other members last year, but I’m excited to paint something to celebrate j-hope’s birthday! I just brainstormed some thumbnail ideas last night in time to post them here as part of today’s post! I hope I can finish this painting in time 😂💜

Six teal-toned thumbnails, roughly shaded with a watercolour brush, of a boy sitting on the roof of a train, some with him holding a paper plane and others with paper planes flying around.

It’s inspired by the ‘Spring Day’ music video, where j-hope sits on the train roof with a glorious sunset (sunrise?) behind him. One of my favourite scenes in any MV/film/TV ever. Also these thumbnails here look waaaay more green than on my Instagram, I wonder why 😂

Which thumbnail do you think I should make into the full painting?

That’s it from me, thanks for reading! (And looking?) Drop me your bookstagram link if you’ve got one/if I’m not already following you! Hope you have a good weekend 💕💜

10 thoughts on “Fanart Friday: #MeetTheArtist, my first ever art Reel (Angel Jungkook) and sketches for j-hope’s birthday!

  1. Wow!! Both Jungkook’s and J-Hope’s paintings are so beautiful!! Even your ‘Meet the blogger’ is awesome. And hey, I like Percy Jackson books too 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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