Fanart Friday: Yoongi’s birthday week!

How’s your week been going? (How is it already Friday again?!?)

So Tuesday 9th was Min Yoongi’s birthday – aka SUGA of BTS, his rap king alter ego Agust D, his cute nickname ‘lil meow meow’, and I also recently found out he’s called Tangerine Boy too (endless nicknames, endless) – and I luckily had time to do some fanart as a tribute! They were both experiments with art style so quite fun to try out.

*waves in tiny*

In stages: Peaceful Yoongi (alcohol markers)

This one was inspired by a ‘Run BTS’ episode where SUGA was sat near a sunny window, and he just looked so peaceful and warm and content that I just had to draw it! I guess it reflects my wishes for him to have peace, love, health and happiness this year.

I didn’t bother with pencil or lineart before hand and just went in with markers.

I was terrified 😂 I didn’t take a pic at the time, but prior to this stage I’d accidentally made his head waaaay too big for his torso, and he genuinely looked like Megamind Yoongi before I fixed his shoulders!

My plan was then to go in with thick lineart over the colour using my brush pen, but then…it just looked so soft!! I didn’t want to ruin the peaceful vibe especially as that was exactly what I’d hoped to convey in the first place.

I ended up just doing teeny lines at certain places (though to be honest I think I overdid his lips a tad) and accidentally gifted him a mole courtesy of some loose ink 😂

I also tried doing some skin highlights with a white pen which I’d seen some other artists do and had always wanted to try! I love how it turned out so I’m 10/10 going to try that again. Out of everything, I think I’m most proud of how his his nose turned out hahaha.

Peaceful Yoongi – the finished version!

I managed to finish this one in an afternoon which is record time (by my standards lol) and I definitely think that it’s because I didn’t spend time agonising over a pencil sketch then detailed lineart before going ham with markers.

(Certainly a time-efficient approach that I will revisit in future given the number of drawings I want to do in a short span of time…)

Bonus birthday drawing: SUGA and his alter ego, the one and only Agust D!

I’d wanted to do a SUGA/Agust D fanart for AGES and this is just one of many concept ideas I had! Originally I was planning for this to be way more complicated, but I ended up really loving the simplicity but clarity of the sketch and wanted to try monochrome colours and rougher shading…so here we are.

The words are from ‘Cypher Pt. 3’ which is one of my fave BTS rapline songs and I highly recommend it!

The timing was quite serendipitous as I finished this a couple days before Yoongi’s birthday!

Thank you for reading my art ramblings! What do you think? Plus let me know what’s been going on for you this week – new books? New reviews? New favourite author? I’d love to know!

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