#FanartFriday: BTS bookclub, ‘The School for Good and Evil’ and an IU/’Six of Crows’ mash-up!

#FanartFriday is where I share some of my own fanart (or just art) and/or shout-out some awesome pieces that I’ve spotted recently! Feel free to link/share your own in the comments!

Hello everyone! How’ve your weeks been?

Today I’m sharing a few paintings/drawings I’ve made over the past few weeks – fandoms include BTS (surprise, surprise), ‘The School for Good and Evil’ series by Soman Chainani, ‘Six of Crows’ by Leigh Bardugo and the singer IU!

Painting a TinyTan-inspired profile picture for my BTS ‘Bookstannies’ #bookstagram bookclub!

One of my friends asked if I could paint our group a profile picture, and I had this idea to draw the girl (who represents ARMY, BTS’ fans) from the TinyTAN animated MVs, reading our group book! The plan is to edit the cover for each new read – the next is probably going to be ‘Lore’ by Alexandra Bracken.

young woman with dark brown hair in a bun and sideswept bangs, wearing purple over-ear headphones around her neck, a light purple tee and holding a steaming cup of tea in her left hand and a book she is reading in the other hand. The background is space-like, purple with yellow stars and bright streaks of neon pink curving around the woman.
Our last bookclub read was ‘These Violent Delights’ by Chloe Gong! (Read my review here.)

Doing the splodgy book cover was SO fun and I’m excited to do more as our book club progresses! Because they’re so small and meant to be imitations rather than photo-accurate reproductions, it’s a nice way for me to enjoy quick sketches without being too much of a perfectionist.

Lady Lesso and Professor Dovey from ‘The School for Good and Evil’!

two women holding hands in a sunset sky, the left one is white with large brown wings, long brown hair and a purple dress, the right is Black with brown curly hair and a multicoloured pastel dress
No one is more shocked than me that for once my scanner didn’t entirely murder my colours.

I drew this for a ‘Draw This in Your Style’ challenge hosted by Noam (aka @isabella_rose_mcfluffy) over on Instagram! The wings took absolutely forever but they were great fun – I made a little video of me colouring them in (though you might need Instagram to be able to watch it 😕)

Last but certainly not least – IU as Kaz Brekker!

I absolutely loved IU’s ‘Coin’ MV aesthetic (and the song itself obviously, when she started rapping I almost died) and immediately thought of the iconic Kaz Brekker from Leigh Bardugo’s ‘Six of Crows’ duology! I’m soon going to be drawing more Grishaverse-related art as I’ve joined the Grishaverse Big Bang (it’ll be two years in a row, baby!) and I thought this’d be a fun way to get back into it!

sketchbook page with greyscale ink drawing of the singer IU, wearing black leather jacket and lace,at a table full of coins, money and poker chips, and money bills raining down around her
I was planning to colour it, but then I thought black, white and grey vibes (with a touch of red for the token she’s holding and the crow cane’s eyes) might work better!

I looked at the the stills from the upcoming ‘Shadow and Bone’ show for inspiration with Kaz’s iconic cane and the playing cards, tokens and money bills. I’m really looking forward to seeing what the show is like – almost release date soon!

I was actually pretty pleased with this drawing, it was my second time going straight in with my brush pen without a pencil sketch, and while not perfect, it wasn’t a disaster! It was my first time drawing IU and I hope I can do more!

Who else is super ready for the weekend – it feels like Monday was just five minutes ago! This week has been so hectic for me; on top of household issues, I’ve been working hard on another application, went to a gender archaeology conference (got another conference tomorrow) and I’ve barely read anything.

Looking forward to next week: Friday I’ll be posting my book tour stop for ‘Malice’ by Heather Walter, and hopefully my first ever bullet journal spread too!

Thank you so much for reading! Which of the three did you like best? What book/music video do you think I should draw from next?


8 thoughts on “#FanartFriday: BTS bookclub, ‘The School for Good and Evil’ and an IU/’Six of Crows’ mash-up!

  1. Ahhhh! I absolutely love the idea of editing the cover for every new book! This is such a great idea! XD Also I loved the video and that might sound strange but to see you draw was amazing! You’re so skilled I can’t even! ❤ It's a pleasure just to watch. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much!! To be honest I was so happy when I had that brainwave 😂 so pleased with myself *insert Yoongi saying that thing about “why am I so proud of this meaningless thing” from that Run episode* 😂And thank you so much, I love seeing other people’s drawing videos so I’m so happy you enjoyed mine! 😍 Thanks for always being so supportive with my art hehe 💜

      Liked by 1 person

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