#BangtanBookstagram – a May 2021 photo challenge!

PSA for anyone who’s a fan of BTS and likes posting bookish photos on Instagram!

A few bookish ARMYs and I came up with this challenge for May – what better way to blend our love for books and Bangtan by creating a whole month of prompts around it? The prompts can be interpreted as-is or loosely, it’s all up to you.

Lilac graphic with 31 photo prompts, hashtag and host bookstagrammer’s usernames on blue tape at the top, with a faint BTS logo in the centre. Decorations include a lightstick, pink whale, Saturn and book stacks.

I thought it’d be cute to use the background for ‘BTS, The Best’ as that’s releasing soon – and ‘Butter’ too! Who’s excited for ‘Butter’? I’m really intrigued, I’ve never heard a song with a title like that so I’m very interested to see what the song’s about! May 21st can’t come quick enough.

Here is the text-only version of the prompts:

  1. Intro: TBR/first read
  2. Match your bias to a book character (traits, looks, vibe etc.)
  3. Black Swan: book with a dancer as a character
  4. Match mic colours to book covers (e.g. V’s green mic!)
  5. Name stack: spell a member’s name with book spines (real name, nickname, stage name etc.)
  6. Love Yourself: mental health
  7. OT7: book with a great friendship
  8. “Fashion. Passion. Revolution.”: book/outfit to match a member
  9. Fake Love: book with a deceptive character
  10. Louder Than Bombs: book about standing up for your beliefs
  11. 134340: set in space
  12. ON: favourite origin stories
  13. N.O.: dystopian
  14. Moonchild: werewolves
  15. Moon: character you want by your side
  16. Daechwita: historical fiction/fantasy
  17. MAMA: bookish families
  18. Serendipity: favourite/cutest couple
  19. Inner Child: book for all ages
  20. Euphoria: a favourite
  21. Spring Day: a classic
  22. RM: book with a great leader
  23. Eat Jin: books and food
  24. Agust D: alter-ego/favourite moniker
  25. Our Sunshine: feel-good book
  26. “It Was An Accident!”: ditch the dust jacket
  27. Winter Bear: winter theme/setting
  28. Maknae: newest addition to your shelf
  29. IDOL: book with a different culture
  30. Film Out: unforgettable character/book
  31. Life Goes On: wrap-up

Feel free to post as much or as little for this as you’d like! If you do, just use the hashtag #BangtanBookstagram so I can see and do story shout-outs. I’m really excited to connect with more book-loving ARMYs! 💜

Also – if you’d like to use any of these prompts for/in blog posts, I’d absolutely love to see and link to it here! Just ping-back to this post’s URL so I’ll get a notification. You can use the graphic too if you want!

Thanks for reading my little announcement! What are you looking forward to reading or doing in May? Let me know below!

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