Happy Jungkook Day!

Just popping in to wish our maknae the loveliest of birthdays and I hope he’ll have a happy and healthy coming year full of love and laughter!

[ID: Beige squared paper background, on which is sketched two drawings of Jungkook, with cursive lettering in the bottom left reading ‘You are the cause of my euphoria’ in purple with yellow highlighter streaked through. The top drawing shows Jungkook with purple hair, slurping cup noodles and holding up a whiteboard reading ‘국이 생일축하해’. A cartoon magnification zoomed in on the noodle carton reads ‘Ingredients: ARMY’s love’.’ The bottom right shows blonde Jungkook smiling while wearing fluffy bunny earphones and a dark jacket. In the background are doodles of music notes and hearts.]

I went for a more sketchbook, cartoon vibe for this and it was really relaxing to draw haha! (Except his right hand at the top, holding the whiteboard. That befuddled me a bit.) I hope you like this too 💕 The top sketch is inspired by ‘Run BTS’ episode 144 and the bottom right by the ‘You Quiz on the Block’ episode. The lettering is of course lyrics from Jungkook’s iconic ‘Euphoria’ song!

Here’s a timelapse (sound on!) if you want to have a look-see:

I hope you’re all having a good day too! I’m smack dab in the middle of moving house, and today we waited hours for a big IKEA delivery that never arrived. Apparently because some mugs, bins and fitted sheets weren’t available, they decided ‘oh, these people definitely won’t want their BEDS and CHAIRS and TABLE either.” Because logic.

We ended up going on an impromptu drive to another city with an IKEA so we could get at least SOME stuff ourselves. So far the assembling is going better than last week’s episode of ‘Run BTS’ (148) 😂💜

Thank you for reading! Please send positive vibes out to JK for his birthday! Do you like this kind of ‘digital sketcbook’ art? Clean lineart or sketchier lineart? Precise colouring or looser? Let me know any thoughts below!

13 thoughts on “Happy Jungkook Day!

  1. Ahh you just reminded me that I still need to watch the last two episodes of RUN! But seriously we’re getting so much content with all the vlives it’s hard to keep up! *lol* Anyway I won’t complain! Give me all the BTS content! XD Happy JK day to you too and to JK and ARMY!! The days our boys were born are truly blessed! 💜

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