Happy Namjoon Day!

When sad, let’s ride a bicycle
Let’s have the wind blow beneath our two feet
Oh, let’s ride a bicycle
With our two arms spread out freely

(Doolset Lyrics translation!)

It’s Kim Namjoon’s birthday!! (I’ve been excited for it for months hahaha.) I hope he will have the most wonderful day and coming year 💜 His birthday drawing is inspired by his song ‘Bicycle’ – one of my comfort songs for sure!

[ID: A marker drawing depicting a daytime lakeside scene with Namjoon sitting on a large brown rock on the bank, leaning on a tree trunk while reading and holding his plum bonsai tree. A large flowering Japanese angelica tree casts dappled shadows over him. On the left a green bicycle rests on the tree trunk on the opposite side to Namjoon. Around is green grass peppered with red, white and lilac aster flowers. In the distance are more rocks in the lake and the far bank, below a blue and white sky.)

(I’m still battling with my scanner for correct colour reproduction but this is close enough. My Instagram has slightly better colours!)


I put my birthday wishes for Namjoon and some of how I generally feel about him in the choices of plants and colours! Read on if you’re interested in that:

  • RM holds onto his plum bonsai tree (which he talked about in ‘In The Soop’ in literally the most wholesome and adorable way), and bonsai trees can symbolise peace, harmony, balance and luck
  • The tree is a Japanese angelica tree, and one of its meanings is inspiration
  • The aster flowers in the grass are the September birth flower, and can signify wisdom, faith, love and valour – and apparently a bouquet of them can mean “take care of yourself for me”, which is pretty perfect in this regard!
    • I coloured them in red, white and lilac (all colours they bloom naturally in), for passion, goodness and ‘I purple you/borahae’ respectively

Process videos

I posted a couple of colouring videos to my Instagram! They were a bit hard to make but I do like watching them afterwards 😅 Make sure to tap the ‘sound on’ button at the bottom to get an ear treat!

I hope you’ve all been having a great week and enjoy your weekend 💜 My weekend will be spent on a job application lol it’s been a busy busy week for me! Lots of household and academia stuff to do plus the first week of the Paintable ‘Illustration From Imagination’ course (I can’t wait to show you the final project! It’s a book cover for a story concept by my friend and I!)…but I have at least one book review coming your way soon! (I didn’t finish a book for the entirety of Aug, not even my audiobook 😂 Do NOT underestimate how much time moving house takes!)

Thank you for reading! Please send good wishes to Namjoon for his birthday 🐨 What is one of your favourite things about him? And do let me know how you’ve been doing this week! New favourite song? Book? Movie/TV show (I’ve heard the new ‘Shang Chi’ film is really good!)?

12 thoughts on “Happy Namjoon Day!

  1. Happy Namjoonie day! =) He’s the best leader in the world and I appreciate him so much! He’s just a great person! I wish him all the best! ❤ And of course I still love your drawing! The colours look amazing and ahh the details. I just love all those little details! I really hope RM will see this one day!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. This is so sweett! You’re so talented <33
    One thing I love about Namjoon is how comforting he is 💜
    Happy Namjoon (well I'm late but still) Day!!

    And it's Yeonjun's birthday today 🥺

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww thank you so much Lili 💜✨ omg yes he’s really so comforting!! When I was on insta seeing loads of birthday posts and birthday art they almost all seemed to have ‘comfort’ vibes 💖 Happy Namjoon day! Well as Jimin would say, every day that RM exists is his birthday hehe. Ooh Happy Yeonjun day!! He’s from TXT right? I only recently started getting into their music and I love it!

      Liked by 1 person

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