Happy birthday Seokjinnie!

[ID: Watercolour portrait of a young Korean man with short warm blonde hair, bangs and a fluffy topknot. He is smiling with his eyes closed, face propped up on a hand. He wears a purple and white raglan t-shirt, a blue moon necklace and thin bracelets. The background behind him is a light pink wash with some hearts, moon and stars outlined in metallic pink. Handwritten black text to his right reads, ‘when you smile I smile 생일 축하해요 석지니’.]

Happiest of birthdays to the one and only Worldwide Handsome Kim Seokjin!

I wish him the best day and coming year full of laughter, love and health. Jin never fails to light up the day and I hope he knows how much he inspires and comforts people all around the world! Do you have a favourite Jin quote, moment or just some aspect about him that you particularly love?

Winking because we all know that there could never be just one answer to that question! [ID: Black haired Korean young man in a black suit jacket and white shirt at a crowded concert venue, winking at the camera]

For me it’s what he said on that recent KBS talk show (I think called ‘Let’s BTS’?): “I don’t think I’m the most handsome guy ever. I just really like the way I look.” It’s something so small but it really helps me for some reason. I don’t think many people apart from some close friends know this, but I used to have self-image issues that got a lot better as I grew up, yet how I felt hearing him say that really showed me the room I’ve got left to grow to a place where I truly love myself. I think it can be applied to aspects of ourselves beyond just our looks too – to love something about yourself without the need to compare yourself to others first.

These past few weeks have been SO busy for me – I keep thinking I’m busy they I get even busier, and I just laugh at my past self. I kept this painting relatively simple, focusing on Jin’s ‘cute’ vibes (who else died when Apple Jinnie made his debut at Sowoozoo?) and I was also being more adventurous with painting the skin. It’s probably not obvious just from the picture, but this is seriously different to how I normally paint skin and honestly, I was terrified. 😂 I did end up being happy with it though, so I hope it can convey my sweetest and happiest birthday wishes for Jin 💜

I also made a process video for this, you can check it out below if you’re interested!

Thank you for reading! Please send Jin your best wishes for his birthday! What do you think of the painting? Do you have a favourite Jin song? Favourite hairstyle or fit that you’d like to see drawn? Let me know any thoughts below!


10 thoughts on “Happy birthday Seokjinnie!

  1. Apple Jinnie! He is so cute, I can’t 😭
    I really loved when in some interview he said he was a simple person, like he doesn’t overthink stuff. Maybe it was in a Run BTS episode, I don’t know. 😅 As a chronic over-thinker, I just admire people who are able to do this.
    Have you heard his new song?? 😍 I love it, it’s so fun.

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    1. He’s SO adorable I really can’t handle it!! Ooh yes I think I remember that, and same here! I’m trying not to overthink so much but it’s not easy 😂 And yes omg are you talking about that ‘Super Tuna’ one? It made me laugh so much I cried, he’s giving us such a gift on his birthday hahaha 💜 Hope you have a great weekend!

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  2. Omggg this is so cuteeee 🥺 I love it so much. Jin is someone that has made a big impact in my life just by the way he lives, his principles and just everything about him. Also, have you heard his new song? Super Tuna😂 I love him so much 💜

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  3. Apple Jinnie and all the Jinnies we got to see in the PTD concert content were amazing! 💜 Jin has such a bright and funny character and I love him for it! He’s so cute and such a sweet guy! How can you not love WWH?! XD I love that he appreciates the small things in life and that fishing brings him so much joy. Love that quote you chose because Jin is such a deep person as well and he’s completely right. I think I really like the way I look too, I just have to work on expressing myself. *lol* I wish him the best birthday ever and that all his wishes will come true. =)

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