Happy birthday Taehyung!

[ID: Colourful marker drawing of a boy wearing a red life vest sitting in a boat on a reflective lake, looking out at a vivid sunset with green mountains behind him.]

Today (Dec 30) is V’s (from BTS) birthday and let’s all wish this very special human a happy birthday and coming year!

[ID: gif of a Korean boy, Taehyung, in a sparkly suit jacket blowing out birthday candles on a cake]

Taetae brings so many people such comfort, joy and laughter so I hope he feels those things too this next year!

For this drawing I was firstly inspired by Taehyung floating on the canoe during ‘In the Soop’…

[ID: Gif of a young Korean man, Taehyung, floating in a canoe on a still lake with mountains behind him. The camera pans up and zooms out as he raises his hand, and text reading ‘In the Soop Coming Soon’ appears.]

Then I found further inspiration when we learned about Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia (the largest salt flat in the world) during one of my Spanish lessons!

Image by Gustavo Espíndola on Unsplash. [ID: photograph of a still and white salt lake reflecting a blue sky with some puffy white clouds. Some bluish mountains are in the faded distance.]

And then lastly the ‘Inner Child’ photoshoot from BTS’ ‘Map of the Soul ON:E Concept Photobook’!

[ID: A young Korean man, BTS’ V, balances on a rope ladder in front of a blue swirly painted background with some stylised clouds.]

I hope V will always continue to see and enjoy the dreamy whimsy and wonder in the world around him! Happy birthday again 💜

Thanks for reading! Please join me in sending birthday love to Tae 🎉 Hope you’re all having a nice holiday season and wishing you the best for 2022 💜✨ (How has time flown by so fast?!) As always, let me know any thoughts below 🥰


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