Happy Birthday j-hope! 🌻

[ID: Coloured pencil drawing on black paper, of a smiling young Korean man wearing a beige hat with sunflowers, bees, clouds and leaves on it; a green in-ear monitor; a white t-shirt; a thin necklace with a BTS logo pendant; and a beaded necklace with green pieces spelling out H-O-P-E in gold. A blue and purple horse character sits on his left shoulder, holding up a sign saying ‘You’re My’. Gold lettering above his right shoulder reads ‘i’m your’. The drawing lays on a wooden board with coloured pencils, marbles, gold paint and a glass dip pen arranged around it.]

Just a quick post to wish the one and only Hobi the happiest of birthdays and a coming year full of happiness and love!

I almost didn’t manage to finish this drawing in time 😅 I’ve been so busy that I only managed to start colouring a couple days ago and my foolish self decided to still go for A4 size even though I’ve never done a ‘big’ coloured pencil artwork before (and even small ones take forever! It’s the layering…) and even better (worse), on black paper which I’ve never tried either. BUT I ended up learning a lot, despite the stress (and aching neck). I do like how it turned out and I’m pleased that I tried something new!

(If anyone wants to know the materials: Arteza 120pc Coloured Pencils + Faber-Castell Mixed Media Pad in Black + Galaxy Colours Handmade Metallic Watercolours – I’m not sure of the exact colour as it was an unnamed freebie, but I’m guessing it’s ‘Golden Star’)

Wow, it’s been an entire month since my last post on here… I’m sorry I’ve been so absent, between my PhD application, starting my new jobs, researching for prints and art commissions and a whole bunch of other things, I’ve just been too tired the past few weeks to write or read much. Last week was especially exhausting. I’m hoping I can use this week(end) to recalibrate and get back to blogging! Hopefully my review of ‘Iron Widow’ will be up in a few days…

Thanks for reading! How is everyone doing? Read/watched anything great lately? Hope you’ll have a great weekend 💜


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