Dreams For the Future

dream / I will be with thee in thy birth and the end of thy life
dream / mayest thou be treated generously wherever thy seat may be
dream / mayest thou after the end of tribulations finally be in full bloom
dream / mayest the end be grand, even though the beginning may be weak

(‘So Far Away’ translation by dansmes-yeux)

[ID: Watercolour painting across a double page spread in a sketchbook. On the left is a young Korean man with dark brown hair, a pale blue sweater and grey trousers, sitting side on to the viewer while playing the piano. Behind him is a window and blue curtains swaying in the breeze, and bluish-pink butterflies form out of the curtains and fly up arcing towards some tree branches. All around his feet and the piano are green grasses with purple flowers. Vines crawl up the piano, forming five lines that arc over the next page. In between the lines are written translated song lyrics from ‘So Far Away’ by Agust D ft Suran. The right hand side of the page is a golden hour lake scene with pink flowers and shafts of sunlight.]

9 March was Yoongi’s birthday! He has comforted and inspired me so much in such a brief time, and I hope he had the most amazing day and best wishes for a happy and healthy coming year. I hope the concerts will be awesome and full of celebration, and that everyone going/watching stays safe and healthy 💜

I know a lot of people are going through some really tough times these days, so I’m also channeling this paintings peaceful, hopeful, dreaming vibes to wish for brighter days to come soon for those who are struggling ✨

Thank you for reading and I hope you’ll have a great week(end)! Do you like using sketchbooks like this one? What do you like drawing the most? Let me know any thoughts below!


4 thoughts on “Dreams For the Future

  1. OMG! Why am I only seeing this now!? XD I love it!! ❤ It's so nice to see it in full scale! And I still love all of the details! The colours are so pretty and the lyrics with the rainbow and butterflies! So pretty! Also how come I just noticed the cool tendrils that wind around the piano's leg? *lol*

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    1. Thanks so much V 😍 haha yeah I can upload bigger versions here than on Instagram! I’m still so happy you like it 💜✨ The tendrils were kind of a spontaneous idea hahaha, originally it was going to be just grass but I thought hmm maybe it’d be cute for the tendrils to wind up the side of the piano, and then form the lines for the words!

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