Art Commissions: Open!

I’m finally opening commissions!

I’m so excited to finally be taking commissions and really hyped to make custom art for you all! Thanks for your support and keep reading for more info. I’ve tried to be as detailed as possible, but if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me via my contact form, DM on social media or email!

Price Breakdown: Complexity

  • Sketch = £10 (bust) £15 (half body) £20 (full body)
  • Lineart = £20 (bust) £30 (half body) £40 (full body)
  • Flat/Simple Colours = £25 (bust) £35 (half body) £45 (full body)
  • Full Painting = £40 (bust) £50 (half body) £60 (full body)

Listed above are base prices i.e. w/ single figure + plain/transparent background. Lineart may have basic greyscale flats if it is simple (please see example below). If in doubt, the deciding factor between bust/half body is likely to be the inclusion of hands, and the deciding factor between half/full body is likely to be the inclusion of feet/shoes.

Clockwise from top left: (1) sketch example (2) lineart example (3) simple/flat colours example (4) full painting example. These would be considered as ‘half body’ with a ‘complex background’ (see section below).
Another example of simple/flat colours. At this stage, this would be considered a full body simple/flat colours with 1 additional figure and complex background (total £91)

Price breakdown: backgrounds

  • Plain/transparent background: no extra charge
  • Simple background: +£3
  • Moderately complex background: +£6
  • Complex background: +£10
Example of a bust sketch with a plain background = no extra charge (total £10)
Example of a half body full painting with a simple background = +£3 (total £53)
Example of a half body full painting with a moderately complex background = +£6 (total £56)
Example of a half body full painting with a complex background = +£10 (total £60)

Price breakdown: landscapes (scenery without figures)

  • Simple (lineart): £10
  • Simple (full colour): £18
  • Moderately complex: £25
  • Complex: £45
Example of a simple lineart landscape = £10
Left to right: simple (full colour) = £18; moderately complex = £25
Example of a complex landscape = £45

Price breakdown: add-ons

  • For each additional figure = +40% of base price (bust) +60% of base price (half body) +80% of base price (full body)
  • Standard print (Epson Matte Heavyweight paper, max size of print is A4) = £3.50 + shipping

For other types of prints and products (e.g. canvas prints, stickers, larger than A4 etc.) please just send me an email/contact me via contact form and we can sort it, e.g. by sending it as a private order via RedBubble production.

Sizes (concerns traditional art only)

A4 is the standard size and currently the maximum. Please let me know if you want a square, A5, custom size etc.!

Will do:

  • Portraits (people + animals), profile pictures
  • OCs (original characters)
  • Illustrations (scenes, book covers, film posters etc.)
  • Landscapes
  • Fanart (please see ‘Donation Commissions’ section below!)
  • Personalised gifts e.g. mugs, cards, coasters (price negotiable, please DM!)

* This list isn’t exhaustive so just ask me if you have a specific request! *

Mediums: digital art, watercolour, alcohol markers, pencils, coloured pencils

Will not do:

  • NSFW (not safe for work); heavy blood/gore
  • Content that makes me feel uncomfortable

Donation Commissions

  • This is the option to go for if you’re interested in commissioning a fanart!
    • i.e. subjects that are not in the public domain yet
  • You can commission a new fanart or donate the value of a print* of an existing one (A5 £5; A4/square £10)
    • *standard print (Epson Matte Heavyweight paper); for other print/product types please DM!
  • Of course you can also commission an original artwork through donation commissions!
  • All the same prices, terms etc. except instead of paying me, you email me proof of donation to one of the nominated charities below
    • you can donate once in full upfront, or split into two, whichever suits you best!

Nominated Charities (2022)

What you get/how it works

  1. Send me your request, as many moodboard/reference pics as possible and other useful information (e.g. fancast; OC description)
  2. I confirm a quote (£) with you based on your request and 50% payment upfront. If you later want a print add-on we can sort that out at the end!
  3. I send you some concept and colour thumbnails; then the sketch for approval (with 1 round of minor revisions if necessary)
  4. Various check-ins for lineart, flat colours etc. then the final illustration

Prices also include the time spent on additional studies that I may do before starting your commission, to try and give you the best outcome!

Example of concept thumbnails
Example of colour thumbnails

Terms and Conditions

  • Contact via contact form/Instagram DM/email ( to request a commission, but please email me the reference images so their quality doesn’t get too compressed!
  • 50% paid upfront, 50% when the artwork is finished and before the final artwork is sent to you
  • Payment via PayPal or my Ko-fi (you can enter a custom amount for the ‘tip’, and just specify what it’s for with the ‘Your message’ function) or donation receipt for Donation Commissions
  • Shipping fees apply for physical art/prints etc.; we can discuss the best shipping option for you!
    • You must be 18+ or have parent/guardian’s permission to share your mailing address
  • No cancellations after the sketch is approved
  • The artwork is intended for non-commercial use, but commercial use can be discussed!
  • I will post about your commission (and I can tag you if you’d like) on my social media, unless specifically asked not to

Note on existing artwork

  • Some of my existing art is in my RedBubble shop, available as prints, stickers, T-shirts, etc.
  • Please see Donation Commissions if you’re interested in a print of an existing fanart!

Any questions, please just ask! Thank you so much for your support 🥰 I’m looking forward to making custom art for you soon!

More examples of my work:

Example of a bust full painting with a simple background = £43
Example of a bust full painting with 1 additional figure and moderately complex background = £62

Example of a bust full painting with a simple background = £43 (+shipping as this is a traditional artwork)
Example of a full body lineart with complex background= £50
Example of a moderately complex landscape = £25 (+shipping as this is a traditional artwork)
Example of a half body lineart with 1 additional figure and complex background = £58

Example of a half body full painting with 1 additional figure and complex background = £90