Fanart Friday: More mermaids!

So in my last Fanart Friday (A Butter MerMay) I said I'd show my other MerMay paintings in the next week...and now three weeks later here we are. Oops! It's been really busy these days with getting my first COVID vaccine, finding a new place to live (I'm relocating soon), preparing a presentation on my … Continue reading Fanart Friday: More mermaids!

Fanart Friday: A Butter MerMay

5 weeks on from BTS 'Butter' - and I still love it just as much! Are you still listening to it? 🧈 I hadn't planned to do any BTS-themed MerMay stuff (only stuff for Barbie's 'Fairytopia' and IU's 'Celebrity' - which I'll share next week!) but I was so into 'Butter' that I was immediately … Continue reading Fanart Friday: A Butter MerMay

8 Years with BTS

Today (13 June) was BTS' 8th anniversary of their debut! To countdown during my first Festa (BTS' annual anniversary celebrations), I did a series of little Polaroid watercolour paintings for their most recent album 'BE'. I also did a bonus one for their single 'Butter', blended with Jin's solo song 'Moon' from their previous album … Continue reading 8 Years with BTS

#FanartFriday – my first bullet journal spread!

Hello! It's been a while since my last post, where do the days go?! And I just looked back and realised my last post was also a #FanartFriday one...I promise I've not turned into an art blog, there will definitely be book posts coming - hopefully this weekend I can post my 'Sorrowland' (Rivers Solomon) … Continue reading #FanartFriday – my first bullet journal spread!

#FanartFriday: Kaz and Inej – a modern London AU

I was part of a mini-event (called a 'mini-bang') as part of a wider Grishaverse fandom event ('The Grishaverse Big Bang) where fanfiction writers will create a short fanfic and a couple of artists will draw something inspired by it! My writer (Jasmine/cruelhighways) wrote a Kanej (Kaz/Inej) modern London AU - you can read it … Continue reading #FanartFriday: Kaz and Inej – a modern London AU

#FanartFriday: BTS bookclub, ‘The School for Good and Evil’ and an IU/’Six of Crows’ mash-up!

Hello everyone! How've your weeks been? Today I'm sharing a few paintings/drawings I've made over the past few weeks - fandoms include BTS (surprise, surprise), 'The School for Good and Evil' series by Soman Chainani, 'Six of Crows' by Leigh Bardugo and the singer IU! Painting a TinyTan-inspired profile picture for my BTS 'Bookstannies' #bookstagram … Continue reading #FanartFriday: BTS bookclub, ‘The School for Good and Evil’ and an IU/’Six of Crows’ mash-up!

Fanart Friday: Yoongi’s birthday week!

How's your week been going? (How is it already Friday again?!?) So Tuesday 9th was Min Yoongi's birthday - aka SUGA of BTS, his rap king alter ego Agust D, his cute nickname 'lil meow meow', and I also recently found out he's called Tangerine Boy too (endless nicknames, endless) - and I luckily had … Continue reading Fanart Friday: Yoongi’s birthday week!

Fanart Friday: Happy birthday j-hope! 🌻🌅☀️

Yesterday (18th Feb) was the birthday of the one and only j-hope of BTS, also known as Hobi, Jung Hoseok, Sunshine, Solecito and like a million other names that I probably don't know all of. I wanted to paint something to celebrate his birthday and I picked his ICONIC scene from the 'Spring Day' music … Continue reading Fanart Friday: Happy birthday j-hope! 🌻🌅☀️

Fanart Friday: #MeetTheArtist, my first ever art Reel (Angel Jungkook) and sketches for j-hope’s birthday!

Hi everyone! How's your week been? This week I made a #MeetTheArtist post for my art instagram, which I thought I'd share here as it's sort of a #MeetTheBlogger post too! Maybe I'll pop it on my 'About' page as well? This took me SO long to paint, I've been so busy this January (and … Continue reading Fanart Friday: #MeetTheArtist, my first ever art Reel (Angel Jungkook) and sketches for j-hope’s birthday!