#FanartFriday: Happy birthday week Jimin!

The Wednesday just gone (13th October) was Jimin's birthday and it was so lovely to see such an outpouring of love everywhere to celebrate this wonderful human. ID: Gif of Jimin in the opening credits of BTS' show 'In the Soop', he wears pale pink and blue hanbok, carries a bowl and pot lid and … Continue reading #FanartFriday: Happy birthday week Jimin!

Happy Namjoon Day!

When sad, let's ride a bicycleLet’s have the wind blow beneath our two feetOh, let’s ride a bicycleWith our two arms spread out freely (Doolset Lyrics translation!) It's Kim Namjoon's birthday!! (I've been excited for it for months hahaha.) I hope he will have the most wonderful day and coming year 💜 His birthday drawing … Continue reading Happy Namjoon Day!

Fanart Friday: #chae6k_dtiys ‘Interlude: Set Me Free’/’Interlude: Shadow’

Hello again!! How's your week been going so far? I've been ridiculously busy and super tired as we've finally started physically moving things to our next house. I've just packed all my books into boxes (good thing that all my current reads are in ebook/audiobook format!) and today I've got my second COVID vaccination. So...busy … Continue reading Fanart Friday: #chae6k_dtiys ‘Interlude: Set Me Free’/’Interlude: Shadow’

Art studies that turned into fanart

Hello again!! Today I'm sharing a couple of art studies (basically practice for later/bigger pieces) that ended up becoming pieces of fanart...the pull to create BTS fanart is pretty irresistible... [Image description: Seven boys from the Korean group BTS, wearing summery pastel toned clothing, lining up to face the camera for a photograph.] With the … Continue reading Art studies that turned into fanart

Fanart Friday: A Butter MerMay

5 weeks on from BTS 'Butter' - and I still love it just as much! Are you still listening to it? 🧈 I hadn't planned to do any BTS-themed MerMay stuff (only stuff for Barbie's 'Fairytopia' and IU's 'Celebrity' - which I'll share next week!) but I was so into 'Butter' that I was immediately … Continue reading Fanart Friday: A Butter MerMay

8 Years with BTS

Today (13 June) was BTS' 8th anniversary of their debut! To countdown during my first Festa (BTS' annual anniversary celebrations), I did a series of little Polaroid watercolour paintings for their most recent album 'BE'. I also did a bonus one for their single 'Butter', blended with Jin's solo song 'Moon' from their previous album … Continue reading 8 Years with BTS

The Agust D ‘D-2’ Book Tag (original!)


[ID: Black and grey edited D-2 album image reading 'The D-2 Book Tag'] Will I ever tire of making BTS-related bookish things?!? NO!! [ID: black and white flashing gif of seven Korean boys dancing] Ahh, BTS' 'N.O'. What a classic. To celebrate 1 year with Agust D's 'D-2' mixtape I thought I'd come up with … Continue reading The Agust D ‘D-2’ Book Tag (original!)

#BangtanBookstagram – a May 2021 photo challenge!

PSA for anyone who's a fan of BTS and likes posting bookish photos on Instagram! A few bookish ARMYs and I came up with this challenge for May - what better way to blend our love for books and Bangtan by creating a whole month of prompts around it? The prompts can be interpreted as-is or loosely, … Continue reading #BangtanBookstagram – a May 2021 photo challenge!

#FanartFriday: BTS bookclub, ‘The School for Good and Evil’ and an IU/’Six of Crows’ mash-up!

Hello everyone! How've your weeks been? Today I'm sharing a few paintings/drawings I've made over the past few weeks - fandoms include BTS (surprise, surprise), 'The School for Good and Evil' series by Soman Chainani, 'Six of Crows' by Leigh Bardugo and the singer IU! Painting a TinyTan-inspired profile picture for my BTS 'Bookstannies' #bookstagram … Continue reading #FanartFriday: BTS bookclub, ‘The School for Good and Evil’ and an IU/’Six of Crows’ mash-up!