My Review Policy

Welcome to my review policy page!

Unfortunately due to my current schedule I am currently closed to publicity/review requests. Here is some information about how I review and my reading preferences. If you’re interested in having me review your book/ARC, you can contact me using my contact form!

  • I always review honestly.
    • All books will receive a review. If I did not finish the book, I will summarise what I liked/liked less and why I did not finish the book.
    • Please do not send a request if you don’t want the possibility of a negative review.
  • I publish my reviews here and on Goodreads, and I share them on Twitter too. I occasionally include mini-reviews on my bookstagram page.
    • If you want a review elsewhere, please specify and I will try to accommodate this.
  • If your book is an ARC, please specify the publication date so I can plan my schedule accordingly.
    • I will post my review around publication.
    • If you have a particular day you prefer me to post my review, please specify.
  • I read mostly YA fiction, middle grade and adult books. Some genres I enjoy:
    • fantasy (especially retellings)
    • science-fiction
    • LGBTQIA+
    • contemporary
    • romantic comedies
    • historical
    • crime/mystery/thriller
    • graphic novels
    • poetry
  • I accept both physical books and e-books for review.
  • I accept review requests from publishers, publicists and indie authors.
  • If I decline your review request, it will either be due to:
    • the publication date being too soon for me to read and review by, and/or my immediate reviewing schedule is too full already
    • the book’s genre/content does not appeal to my reading preferences (this will be in your best interest, as it will likely affect how highly I rate the book)
  • Genre(s) that I generally do not accept review requests for: erotica, new adult, auto/biographies, non-fiction, highly graphic books (sex/violence)

Thanks for reading! I hope this information has been helpful 😊