Thursday Tunes: A Crystal of Time

Getting close to the end now! 'A Crystal of Time' is part 5 out of 6 for 'The School for Good and Evil' bookish playlists, inspired by Soman Chainani's series of the same name! This actually may be my favourite of all the SGE playlists I've made. This post will be spoiler-free! I've tried to … Continue reading Thursday Tunes: A Crystal of Time

Thursday Tunes: Quests For Glory

Welcome to the fourth installment of 'The School of Good and Evil' playlists! The full playlist is linked at the bottom. These songs are all inspired by 'Quests For Glory', book 4 in this fantasy series by Soman Chainani. (This post is spoiler-free!) Order of the Day: A King's Coronation! ('Crown Me King' by Harmony.) … Continue reading Thursday Tunes: Quests For Glory

Thursday Tunes 🎶: The Last Ever After

Woah... TWO SGE related posts in a row?? Madness. This week's playlist: 'The Last Ever After' ('The School for Good and Evil', #3) This is one of my more detailed SGE playlists (see embedded at bottom) - probably because I started making these playlists while reading TLEA back in 2017. (You can read my review … Continue reading Thursday Tunes 🎶: The Last Ever After

Thursday Tunes 🎶: First Prince

This week: Red, White & Royal Blue A few days ago I finished reading Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston, a debut rom-com with splashes of political and social commentary and a hefty dose of welcome diversity. The love story between the First Son of the United States (Alex) and the youngest British … Continue reading Thursday Tunes 🎶: First Prince

Thursday Tunes 🎶: Carry On, Wayward Son

This week: Simon Snow Seeing as how I've just published my 'Wayward Son' review today as well, what better bookish playlist to share today than the one I made based on the 'Simon Snow' books? 'Carry On' and 'Wayward Son' are YA fantasy novels by Rainbow Rowell, starring characters that originally featured as fanfiction characters … Continue reading Thursday Tunes 🎶: Carry On, Wayward Son

Thursday Tunes 🎶

Happy Halloween! Can you believe October is practically over already?! I had a great time doing Inktober (I might put them up here later) - are any of you doing NaNoWriMo? With Thursday Tunes, I'm going to try this new thing where every Thursday, I'll share songs or playlists that I'm loving this week - … Continue reading Thursday Tunes 🎶