Happy Birthday j-hope! 🌻

[ID: Coloured pencil drawing on black paper, of a smiling young Korean man wearing a beige hat with sunflowers, bees, clouds and leaves on it; a green in-ear monitor; a white t-shirt; a thin necklace with a BTS logo pendant; and a beaded necklace with green pieces spelling out H-O-P-E in gold. A blue and … Continue reading Happy Birthday j-hope! 🌻

Happy Namjoon Day!

When sad, let's ride a bicycleLet’s have the wind blow beneath our two feetOh, let’s ride a bicycleWith our two arms spread out freely (Doolset Lyrics translation!) It's Kim Namjoon's birthday!! (I've been excited for it for months hahaha.) I hope he will have the most wonderful day and coming year 💜 His birthday drawing … Continue reading Happy Namjoon Day!

Art studies that turned into fanart

Hello again!! Today I'm sharing a couple of art studies (basically practice for later/bigger pieces) that ended up becoming pieces of fanart...the pull to create BTS fanart is pretty irresistible... [Image description: Seven boys from the Korean group BTS, wearing summery pastel toned clothing, lining up to face the camera for a photograph.] With the … Continue reading Art studies that turned into fanart

#WIPWednesday: Tedros of Camelot

Hello again! Today's works-in-progress are both fanarts of Tedros Pendragon (aka Tedros of Camelot, son of Arthur) from the series 'The School for Good and Evil' by Soman Chainani! This fantasy/magic boarding school/fairytale retelling series is one of my all-time favourites, and I'm super hyped for the final book to come out June 2nd! (Well...June … Continue reading #WIPWednesday: Tedros of Camelot

#FanartFriday: Heartstopper, Carry On and The School for Good and Evil

You know, sometimes I think we get too caught up in creating art for what other people might like - obviously, we want to please our audiences! We want our work to be appreciated! But I think it's just as important that artists themselves find joy or catharsis in what they create. I found that … Continue reading #FanartFriday: Heartstopper, Carry On and The School for Good and Evil

#WIPWednesday: ‘The School for Good and Evil’ Fanart

Happy WIP (Work In Progress) Wednesday everyone! Hope the week's been good so far...if not, at least we've got a few more days for things to turn around. This week's fanart WIP is a piece based around Sophie and Agatha, characters from Soman Chainani's 'The School for Good and Evil' series! It's still a pretty … Continue reading #WIPWednesday: ‘The School for Good and Evil’ Fanart

🎨 Fanart Friday: Heartstopper, Six of Crows and Carry On 🎨

Woah okay so this week...I finished not one...not two...not three...but FOUR fanart pieces?!? Across three fandoms?? This is unprecedented for me, I swear. 'Heartstopper': Tara and Darcy A Tara (above) and Darcy (bottom) version of the original Heartstopper comic cover 'Heartstopper' is a YA contemporary webcomic/graphic novel by Alice Oseman, following the adorkable gay romance … Continue reading 🎨 Fanart Friday: Heartstopper, Six of Crows and Carry On 🎨