Welcome to my blog!

This is mainly a book blog (check out my reviews, reading updates and bookish playlists here), but have a peek under ‘Originals’ tab for some of my art (and maybe music and writing eventually)! Occasionally I’ll talk about my studies too. Photos are mine unless stated otherwise. (Feel free to check out the anthropology/archaeology blog run by my friend and I!)

Why the name Paper Plane Nomad?
If the pages of books could fold into paper planes, every time I read, I’m transported to new (or familiar!) places and their concomitant world-views. As I read, I travel, and the perpetual journey through realm after realm, leaving pieces of my heart all over the universe, led to viewing myself as a paper plane nomad.

A Bit About Me:

I’m Sabrina (she/her), a dreamer with a cynical streak and an overflowing ‘List of Interests’! I’m from Hong Kong and based in York, where I work and volunteer in the arts and heritage sector. I also aspire to create illustrations for public engagement and interpretation, particularly in archaeology and heritage contexts! I’m obsessed with reading, and reviewing keeps the Chosen Ones™ fresh in my memory. Music and art are my other primary hobbies. I love basketball and am learning Spanish.

I completed my Master’s in Bioarchaeology & Forensic Anthropology at the University of Exeter, and I graduated in Anthropology & Archaeology from Durham University, UK. I’m also interested in funerary archaeology and gender studies amongst other areas! I enjoy discovering new things, and applying what I’ve experienced and learned through my degrees to the novels that I’m writing.

Last year I painted a #MeetTheArtist post for my art blog which I’ll add here too, as it’s basically also a #MeetTheBlogger painting:

Self-portrait with a stack of some favourite books/series, my essentials and a blackboard listing my likes, dislikes, main fandoms I draw/paint for and fun facts!