Thursday Tunes 🎶

Happy Halloween! Can you believe October is practically over already?! I had a great time doing Inktober (I might put them up here later) – are any of you doing NaNoWriMo?

With Thursday Tunes, I’m going to try this new thing where every Thursday, I’ll share songs or playlists that I’m loving this week – this might be bookish playlists, or songs that remind me of books/characters/my OCs!

This week: Alice Oseman’s Spotify playlists for her books Heartstopper and I Was Born For This!

Heartstopper is an adorable M|M YA graphic novel that is both light, fluffy yet also has a deep emotional side. I Was Born For This is an incredible, moving, fresh and diverse YA contemporary novel, with dual POV between Jimmy, a trans and gay member of the pop-rock boyband ‘The Ark’, and Angel, a queer Muslim fangirl.

I’d saved Alice’s playlist for Heartstopper way back when, but I only got around to listening to it yesterday – and oh my god, it was such a treat, especially if you listen in chronological order (and see how it follows the story’s progression)! My favourites are Everywhere, In2, Desire, Mystery of Love, Anyone Else But You, and Here (In Your Arms).

You can bet that I closed my eyes and imagined it was Jimmy singing! I wish The Ark were a real band, I’ve really gotten into pop-rock over the last couple years. My favourites from this playlist are Give Yourself A Try and Poison.

Some favourites from the I Was Born For This playlist are Drug Dealers Anonymous (those last two lines – genius), Heavydirtysoul, Talk to Me, The Love You’re Given (reminds me of Lister in the book) and Glass Eyes.

Oh, and it’s always a glorious feeling when one of your favourite authors interacts with your tweet about the playlists!! 😍😍

Whether you’ve read Oseman’s books or not, I highly recommend a listen! What bookish playlists do you guys like?

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