#SixforSunday: Give Me More of These Tropes!

Today's topic: Tropes I want to see more of Not all of these are 'rare' tropes but they're all ones I'd like to read more of! 'Get in loser, we're going to be friends' ...wherein the protagonist and the 'mean girl' (or just plain 'mean' character) get to know each other and actually become allies … Continue reading #SixforSunday: Give Me More of These Tropes!

#SixForSunday: Tropes I Love

These are tropes that, if I see mentioned/hinted at in synopses or reviews, will in themselves make me want to read that book! (Or at least, want to read it more.) They'll also usually make me enjoy a book more. Enemies to Lovers Some of my favourites: 'Carry On' by Rainbow Rowell; 'Red, White & … Continue reading #SixForSunday: Tropes I Love

#SixforSunday: My Dream LGBTQ+ ships

Today's topic: Dream LGBTQ+ ships! I don't often ship non canon ships unless they're popular fanon ones, but here are a few non-heteronormative couples that either aren't canon or don't (yet) have an established on-page/on-screen romance. Phoebe and Maeve in 'One of Us is Next' by Karen McManus I was So. Disappointed. I thought this … Continue reading #SixforSunday: My Dream LGBTQ+ ships

#SixForSunday: Favourite LGBTQ+ romances

Six of my favourite LGBTQ+ romances: 1. The sapphic ship in 'Girl, Serpent, Thorn' by Melissa Bashardoust (not naming for spoiler-y reasons!) This was so tenderly written, and so intense, and I just bow down to this exquisite F/F pairing. I had a very similar reaction to this ship: 2. Sabran and Ead in 'The … Continue reading #SixForSunday: Favourite LGBTQ+ romances

#SixforSunday: Series on my TBR

Today's topic: book series that I've been dying to read! These are all duologies/trilogies/sagas/what-have-you that I own at least the first book of but haven't yet read! Reasons range from procrastination (fear of the hype), practicality/logistical problems and my own idiocy. 'Aurora Rising' by Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman The year is 2380, and the … Continue reading #SixforSunday: Series on my TBR

#SixforSunday: Series Endings that Broke Me (and why I should now probably avoid YA dystopian)

Today's topic: Six heartwrenching endings to a book series I'll keep this list as spoiler-free as possible! This is going to be a difficult one to compile - I don't think I've read many series with painful/bittersweet/sad endings - definitely more standalones. Perhaps when a reader has spent years getting to know and love these … Continue reading #SixforSunday: Series Endings that Broke Me (and why I should now probably avoid YA dystopian)

#SixforSunday: Favourite series starters!

The first book in a series is always important. After all, it needs to be at least good enough to hook the reader in for book two! Here are six of my favourites, in no particular order... 'The Lightning Thief' by Rick Riordan Percy Jackson is a good kid, but he can’t seem to focus … Continue reading #SixforSunday: Favourite series starters!

#SixforSunday: Books from your TBR that you predict will be 5*

This week: Six predicted 5-star reads This is going to be hard, given how huge my TBR list is and how intensively I vet books before they even make it onto said list! I'll stick to books I already own to make things easier... 'Burn' by Patrick Ness (out 7 May) "An all-consuming story of … Continue reading #SixforSunday: Books from your TBR that you predict will be 5*

#SixforSunday: 6 characters I’d love to go on a date with

This week: Which six characters would I go on a date with? Oooh, I haven't made a bookish crush list before so let's see if I have a fictional type, shall we? 😂 I suppose it's also important to make the distinction between someone I find attractive in a book and someone who'd actually be … Continue reading #SixforSunday: 6 characters I’d love to go on a date with

#SixforSunday: Six characters I’d name my kids after

This week: Which characters would I name my kids after? Now this is tricky... do I pick just names I love or should the character also be worthy of naming my child after? Some characters who I absolutely LOVE have names that I wouldn't choose - e.g. Chaol because the way I pronounce it is … Continue reading #SixforSunday: Six characters I’d name my kids after