Welcome to my blog!

For now this is a book blog (check out my reviews here), and I might dust in some of my art, music and studies too! All photos are mine unless stated otherwise. (Feel free to check out the anthropology/archaeology blog run by my friend and I!)

Why the name Paper Plane Nomad?
If the pages of books could fold into paper planes, every time I read, I’m transported to new (or familiar!) places and their concomitant world-views. As I read, I travel, and the perpetual journey through realm after realm, leaving pieces of my heart all over the universe, led to viewing myself as…a paper plane nomad.

A Bit About Me:

PaperPlaneNomad graduation day

I’m Sabrina, a dreamer with a cynical streak and an overflowing ‘List of Interests’! I’m obsessed with reading, and reviewing keeps the Chosen Onesβ„’ fresh in my memory. Music and art are my other primary hobbies. I love basketball and am learning Spanish.

I’m currently a Master’s student (Bioarchaeology & Forensic Anthropology) at the University of Exeter, UK. I graduated in Anthropology & Archaeology from Durham University, UK. I am also interested in funerary archaeology and gender studies amongst other areas!