Happy New Year! (a collection of BTS birthday art + some life updates)

I hope you've all been well...it's definitely been a while since I posted! Looking back, my last blog post was on the 14th November...it's not long till the 14th of January! I'm sorry to have been so inactive... November was somewhat of a wild month for me - I was having job interviews, selling my … Continue reading Happy New Year! (a collection of BTS birthday art + some life updates)

Dreams For the Future

dream / I will be with thee in thy birth and the end of thy lifedream / mayest thou be treated generously wherever thy seat may bedream / mayest thou after the end of tribulations finally be in full bloomdream / mayest the end be grand, even though the beginning may be weak('So Far Away' … Continue reading Dreams For the Future

Happy Birthday j-hope! 🌻

[ID: Coloured pencil drawing on black paper, of a smiling young Korean man wearing a beige hat with sunflowers, bees, clouds and leaves on it; a green in-ear monitor; a white t-shirt; a thin necklace with a BTS logo pendant; and a beaded necklace with green pieces spelling out H-O-P-E in gold. A blue and … Continue reading Happy Birthday j-hope! 🌻

#FanartFriday: Happy birthday week Jimin!

The Wednesday just gone (13th October) was Jimin's birthday and it was so lovely to see such an outpouring of love everywhere to celebrate this wonderful human. ID: Gif of Jimin in the opening credits of BTS' show 'In the Soop', he wears pale pink and blue hanbok, carries a bowl and pot lid and … Continue reading #FanartFriday: Happy birthday week Jimin!

Happy Namjoon Day!

When sad, let's ride a bicycleLet’s have the wind blow beneath our two feetOh, let’s ride a bicycleWith our two arms spread out freely (Doolset Lyrics translation!) It's Kim Namjoon's birthday!! (I've been excited for it for months hahaha.) I hope he will have the most wonderful day and coming year 💜 His birthday drawing … Continue reading Happy Namjoon Day!

Fanart Friday: #chae6k_dtiys ‘Interlude: Set Me Free’/’Interlude: Shadow’

Hello again!! How's your week been going so far? I've been ridiculously busy and super tired as we've finally started physically moving things to our next house. I've just packed all my books into boxes (good thing that all my current reads are in ebook/audiobook format!) and today I've got my second COVID vaccination. So...busy … Continue reading Fanart Friday: #chae6k_dtiys ‘Interlude: Set Me Free’/’Interlude: Shadow’

Art studies that turned into fanart

Hello again!! Today I'm sharing a couple of art studies (basically practice for later/bigger pieces) that ended up becoming pieces of fanart...the pull to create BTS fanart is pretty irresistible... [Image description: Seven boys from the Korean group BTS, wearing summery pastel toned clothing, lining up to face the camera for a photograph.] With the … Continue reading Art studies that turned into fanart