Thursday Tunes 🎶: The School for Good and Evil

This week: The School for Good and Evil

This playlist is inspired by ‘The School for Good and Evil’ by Soman Chainani, the first instalment in one of my favourite fantasy series! I began making this playlist almost three years ago, and I keep adding to it as and when I find new songs that fit.

As with all my other playlists, it’s arranged chronologically with landmark songs spaced throughout – a funny thing I found (both with this playlist and the others I’ve made for the sequels) is that the Disney ‘Descendants’ soundtracks weirdly have so many suitable songs. I chalk that up to the fact that both stories are about next generation fairy tale heroes and villains!

We’re introduced to the eponymous School with songs about being princesses or villains, and ‘He Could Be the One’ by Hannah Montana and Ruelle’s ‘War of Hearts’ represent the initial Tophie (Tedros x Sophie) sparks flying. The Cure’s ‘A Forest’ signals the Trial By Tale in the Blue Forest (one of my favourite segments in the series!) with ‘Just A Game’ by Birdy being an important Sophie/Agatha/Tedros song (if you’ve read the book I hope you enjoy the Birdy pun!).

‘Rules of Beautiful’ by Jacob Whitesides is another landmark song indicating an important milestone in Agatha’s character development, and ‘Like This’ by Shawn Mendes gives me SUCH strong Tagatha (Tedros x Agatha) vibes! I generally see this song as being sung from Tedros’ perspective. ‘Queen of Mean’ by Sarah Jeffery is such a Sophie song – the instant I heard it in the ‘Descendants 3’ movie I knew it was going straight in the SGE playlist!

If you’ve read SGE, you’ll know what scene Sia and Labrinth’s ‘To Be Human’ signifies. Obviously, I wasn’t going to neglect representing Sophie and Agatha’s bond, one of the most important relationships in this series, both plot- and character-wise! ‘Crazier’ by Taylor Swift (one of the early songs) and ‘With Love’ by Christina Grimmie (RIP) are tributes to their friendship.

Hope you enjoyed this post! Have you read ‘The School for Good and Evil’? Do you have any suggestions? Let me know below!

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