Update: Current read, New ARCs, Upcoming Posts and Lizzy Bennet’s sass

Wow, how is it nearly mid-May already?! (And yet, the weather has decided to take a trip back to February.) Quite a lot has been happening for me lately so thought I’d share a blogger-y update!

I also want to say how impressed I am with bloggers who can post daily. I’ve been blogging every day for two weeks up till Sunday just gone, and it definitely took a lot more forward planning, brainstorming and simply more time than I’m used to. I may dial it back a notch as I’ve been struggling to balance this much blogging with my reading, art, academics and volunteering but I’ll definitely still be posting regularly!

Current read: ‘The Maiden Voyage of New York City’ by Gary Girod (ARC)

50 years after New York City sank beneath the rising seas, human ingenuity raises it up again.

The economy might seem revitalised, but Mayor Sophia Ramos knows it won’t last. Debt and crime are rising, and to Ramos, only an even more radical idea is the solution.

As Manhattan’s elite are targeted by an underground criminal empire, the city threatens to crumble before she can save it. While a journalist, engineer and police chief squabble over the Mayor’s solution, two cops struggle to bring order to a city descending into martial law.

In the end, who will stand atop America’s tallest buildings?

Publication date: May 15th

Current thoughts (64%): I’m enjoying this so much! While I’ve read sci-fi before, they generally fall into the fantasy lane rather than this more gritty, realistic story – and this is a perfect example of how it can really pay off to read outside your comfort genre. This plot-line is the sort that starts with a few seemingly unconnected threads, then gradually weaves them together into a big conspiracy that I can sense is going to drop like a bomb. (I mean, the rumbles have already begun.) It reminds me a bit of those disaster films based on true stories – again, a genre I watch relatively little of!

Upcoming ARCs TBR:

I joined Netgalley in April and the experience has been super cool so far. I’ve also got a few other ARCs from Brain Lag publishing! The next eARCs/ebooks I’m reading:

  • ‘Heart of the Dragon’ by Jamie Sullivan (15 June): LGBTQ+ characters, dragons accidentally stealing a baby instead of a basket of gold, and the promise of a startling plot twist? Sign me up!
  • ‘Enduring Chaos’ (‘Sisters of Chaos’, #1) by Catherine Fitzsimmons: Damian Sires, born with abnormal power, finds herself hounded by those who want to take advantage of her abilities, all while she tries to find safety in a land that fears magic. Sounds dangerous!
  • ‘Descendant of the Crane’ by Joan He: I’ve been wanting to read this Chinese inspired YA fantasy since it published last year! I sense some court intrigue brewing…
  • ‘The Unseen Force’ (‘Sisters of Chaos’, #2) by Catherine Fitzsimmons (19 June): Apparently there are age-old conspiracies and magic-filled battles against gods in this trilogy? *settles down to watch the drama unfold*
  • ‘Girl, Serpent, Thorn’ by Melissa Bashardoust (7 July): I’ve not read any Persian mythology-inspired books before so I’m very excited!
  • ‘Feathertide’ by Beth Cartwright (30 July): This features a whole city of mermaids and is recommended for fans of ‘The Bear and the Nightingale’, so sounds perfect for me!

A new April venture: Joining Medium!

I write for The Open Bookshelf publication on Medium. It looked like a fun way to both continue writing about what I’m passionate about and perhaps earn a little money for it too! So far I’ve published:

Those are ‘friend’ links, so you’ll be able to read them even if you’re not a paid Medium member!

Upcoming posts:

  • Review: ‘The Maiden Voyage of New York City’ by Gary Girod
  • The Liebster Award
  • Top 5 Saturday: Debut books
  • #SixforSunday: Series I’m Dying to Read

To round off, here’s a hilarious video edit of Elizabeth Bennet’s (‘Pride and Prejudice’, 1995 adaptation):

I love this adaptation so, so much!

Whew! That was a hefty update post – thanks for reading! What recent happenings have you had? Let me know below!

4 thoughts on “Update: Current read, New ARCs, Upcoming Posts and Lizzy Bennet’s sass

  1. Ohmygosh my friend JUST sent me that Lizzie Bennett video are few days ago & I laughed so much I almost cried 😂ICONIC! Hope you’re having a fabulous May! 💛

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Omg Sabrina. That P&P video. I LAUGHED SO HARD! Why haven’t I seen it before? It’s soooooooo good. Makes me want to reread pride and prejudice for only the billionth time 😂😂😂 I love that you’re writing for Medium now, that’s seriously awesome 😊😊😊🧡💖💚💛❤️

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