#FanartFriday – my first bullet journal spread!

#FanartFriday is where I share some of my own fanart (or just art) and/or shout-out some awesome pieces that I’ve spotted recently! Feel free to link/share your own in the comments!

Hello! It’s been a while since my last post, where do the days go?! And I just looked back and realised my last post was also a #FanartFriday one…I promise I’ve not turned into an art blog, there will definitely be book posts coming – hopefully this weekend I can post my ‘Sorrowland’ (Rivers Solomon) and ‘Unravel the Dusk’ (Elizabeth Lim) reviews!

Anyway, the point of today’s post…

My first try at a bujo spread! It was themed around the song ‘BBIBBI’ by IU. I was nervous but excited:

Bullet journal spread with colourful drawings and the song title on the left, and ripped brown paper and a coloured pencil portrait sketch imitating a newspaper front page on the right

No one is more surprised than me that my first bullet journal spread – and a music-themed one at that – is not BTS themed, and rather inspired by ‘BBIBBI’ by Korean artist IU! She’s so talented though, so really…it’s not that surprising.

I had lots of leftover paper from parcel stuffings so I thought I’d rip a piece off and see if I could imitate a newspaper (given all the newspaper imagery in the music video). I mainly coloured this with water brush pens and colour pencils! I recently acquired my very first watercolour palette so I’ll be trying out whether my bullet journal paper can hold up to real paint. (Probably not but who knows…)

Close-up of the left page
Close-up of the right page

Check out the ‘BBIBBI’ MV if you’re interested!

Music video for IU’s song ‘BBIBBI’ (2018)

Good lord this song is so catchy. Writing this post has gotten it stuck in my head again for the nth time…

Thanks for reading! What did you think of my journal spread? Do you do any journalling, bullet or otherwise? What do you journal about? Let me know any thoughts below!

I’m sorry I haven’t blog hopped since last weekend…maybe I’ll just set aside weekends now for blog hops. I think that’s better than me stressing during the week about not having time/being too tired to read lots of blogs! I’m the kind of person who needs to have the energy to engage properly with a post or message/email before I will read/reply…which has its pros and cons.

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