Update: ‘What We Deserve’, new books, TBR and fanart

How is it April already? March simultaneously felt like a week and an entire year. Everything’s so surreal now but at least we’ve still got books!

Currently reading: ‘What We Deserve’ by Alyssa Nohar

Finally diagnosed with social and generalized anxiety disorder after years of silent suffering, Amaya spent twelfth grade going to therapy, adjusting to new medication and trying to get herself together, all while keeping her grades up. Amaya figured that she’d at least enjoy a peaceful summer before university. 

Unfortunately for Amaya, she is wrong about most things.

After her sister signs her up for an internship alongside four other high school graduates, Amaya is forced into two months of socializing and trying her hardest not to act like the most awkward person alive. 

Amaya Bhatt thinks that she is about to have the worst summer ever, but fortunately for her, she is wrong about most things.

Current thoughts (63%): This is a sweet and funny book starring a bookworm protagonist (Amaya) who grapples with her anxiety as she tries to navigate an unexpected hurdle. I can really relate to her (I’ve wondered for a while if I have anxiety, but I’ve not gone to a doctor about it) and the secondary characters are lovely to read. Amaya’s development has been going well, progress that advances believably, and I like that we get glimpses into the other interns heads too that show us (and Amaya) that they’re just confused and nervous human beings too! So far, so good.

New books: ‘The Crowns of Croswald’, ‘Burn’, ‘Golden Days’ and ‘The Super Secret Book’

I’m looking forward to reading ‘The Crowns of Croswald’ by D.E. Night for my ‘History of Magic’ O.W.L. (ebook from NetGalley) and I was SO PUMPED that NetGalley approved my eARC request for ‘Burn’ by Patrick Ness! Ness is one of my favourite authors so I’m really excited to read this for my ‘Astronomy’ O.W.L..

I was also really happy to receive the charity zine ‘Golden Days’! It’s a ‘Carry On’/’Wayward Son’ fanzine full of fanart and fanfiction, raising money for the LGBTQ+ human rights charity Outright Action International.

I’m reading it for my ‘Arithmancy’ O.W.L.!

I also received a review copy of Tian En’s ‘The Super Secret Book’ – and I totally dig that one of the superhero characters on the cover is drinking bubble tea! Love that Asian diaspora cultural rep.

Fanart and Colouring Pages!

Lucy Salisbury from ‘Carry On’ by Rainbow Rowell

This was originally planned for Inktober 2019’s ‘Ghost’ prompt! Done with W&N alcohol ink Promarkers and a dash of glitter tears with Gelly Roll Stardust.

Colouring the ‘Tara and Darcy’ colouring sheet from Alice Oseman!

Tara and Darcy are characters from Oseman’s ‘Heartstopper’ comic! I love them so much – they’re my favourite F/F ship, and colourign them was so fun. Done with W&N Promarkers again and a couple of Staedtler Mars Graphic 3000 Duo pens.

You can find Alice’s colouring sheets here!

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Thanks for reading! How has your week been? What are you excited for in April? Let me know below!

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